Hulu: "The First"

I just finished streaming the first season of the Sean Penn featuring show about the people of a mission to mars. Grip your seat for an exciting ride it aint, more moody. Reviews have not been … out of this world … but personally I have found it strangely compelling in a mood piece sort of way. I suspect more plot action to pick up next season.

Anyone else watch or watching it?

My wife and I are a few episodes in. I said to her it seems like a good fit for people who kind of liked the movie ‘The Martian’, except they thought it had too much action and humor, but not enough government beaurocracy.

Seriously though, it’s a pretty good “how the sausage is made” depiction of what the planning and execution of a Mars mission would be like. Though it hasn’t really taken off with me yet, haha. I could do without the B plot with the emotionally unstable daughter.

I was interested when I first heard about it. I wasn’t sure about the pacing but was probably going to check it out. Then I saw Sean Penn in a role that isn’t Spicoli. That made it an automatic hard pass.

Gave up midway through the third episode. It was boring and I didn’t like anyone at all.

Yeah, I typically don’t mind slow, but this one was over the top slow.

Do they ever make it to Mars by the end of the season?