Hulu TV Question

I want to watch tv on hulu. How do I keep it from stopping and starting again. (loading) Is there a way to download then watch without stopping?

I changed your thread title from “Question” to “Hulu TV Question” to make it clearer what you were asking.


Besides getting a better internet connection, you might be able to pause it and let it buffer a bit more before playing. They don’t let you download anything, as them streaming it to you allows them to inject advertisements.

This software claims to be able to do it. And the fact that it is on the prominent U.S. site, implies that it is legal.

It appears the usage of something like that is directly prohibited by Hulu’s TOS:

So while I doubt the program is actually illegal, it’s most likely not allowed by the terms of use from Hulu. And there are tons of quasi-legal programs on, such as a plethora of applications that let you copy DVDs and get around copy protection schemes.

In agreement with the above mentions, I generally find that pausing and allowing it to buffer (there’s a bar-diagram which displays) helps, when necessary.