Human body labels

I tried asking the question before but when it went to post it came up with page could not be found and it apparently was not posted. Anyway, is there any body part or location that does not currently have a name or label for it? Example: the webbed part of the hand between the thumb and index finger. That may be a bad example it may already have a name but I don’t know it.

The good thing about language is that you can make up words. I could call the webbing between the fingers ‘glork’ if I wanted to, and, if I explained my usage succinctly enough, there’d be no misunderstanding. If it’s a handy enough word, more and more people would pick up its usage and over time, it’ll become a new word. That’s how the word ‘quiz’ came to be, IIRC.

Actually, it’d probably be something like ‘interdigital webbing’ or something like that, but IANAMed student. I’m sure you could name any part of the body you needed to. If all else fails, point and gesture.

I stapled my interdigital webbing once. Hurt like a muthafuckah.