Body Talk

Use the names of body parts in sentences that don’t actually refer to the body.

In my neck of the woods are lots of palm trees that grow near finger lakes.

The last legof the trip is especially curvy.

The heart of the debate was whether it is appropriate to use colons in the appendix, but who nose.

He hit the nail on the head, and avoided a major cock up

People say we need to take up arms, but I don’t think they have a leg to stand on.

My neighbor is such a jerk! He’s a total heel.

I’d like the filet of sole and a hearts of palm salad, please.

Don’t butt in here. The vet is trying to deliver this calf.

I’m just going to head out the door.

You stupid ass! You’re such a prick! And a cunt!

I can’t stomach this thread. Maybe I’ll check back later.

The information you need may be in the appendix of the book.

Did you hear about the music teacher who chased after the janitor? She caught him by the organ.


I notched the 2x4 for the pipe elbow and toenailed it into the knee wall.

I got a leg up be reviewing the materials.

The only thing that the plumber had to fix was a nipple, but he still charged me an arm and a leg.

I use the right-hand rule to determine which direction the magnetic field is headed.

I wasn’t paying attention when I was driving on the highway, and strayed onto the shoulder by a few feet.

A great poker player can win the pot regardless of what his hand is.

Are you of The Body?

My neighbor’s fence comes one foot over my property line.

While speeding down a major artery, a wrist pin in my engine gave out and the piston slammed into the head.

Back when I did a lot of art, I’d often use onion skin paper.

While nosing around an old barn I found a hammer, anvil and stirrup…