The Search for Sequential Threads Is Over


**The least erotic sexual fetish

Tell me about your colon. **

**What can I say instead of “OK, guys…”
“Y’all” as a singular mode of address **

Right below this thread at this particular moment:

Ballgame etiquette
When The Right Words Are Necessary

**When The Right Words Are Necessary
When was the lastime you were in a real, good old fashioned fistfight? **

The last time I couldn’t find the right words, I guess. Things kinda went downhill after that.

What to feed a cat with urinary issues?
Natural/OTC diuretics

Well, I guess it would depend on what the issues are, exactly . . .

**Commit Cultural Heresy: No Cow Too Sacred.
Yes We Can – Barak Obama music video
Why do so many black comedies have “altered” characters?

**What’s the most common language ever?
Perky 1960s breasts

In praise of lobotomyboy63
Seven Years In A Persistent Vegetative State **

Just got an SKS rifle!
Man cleaned out by belligerent imbeciles, because of malicious Craigslist entry.

** Now what kind of man doesn’t believe in the Little People?

Tell me about your encounter with the giants


Gulliver? That you?

**Mixing whiskey drinks… need help fast!!
Seven Years In A Persistent Vegetative State
Pub Etiquette? **

**Visiting Albany, NY
Are you prepared for an emergency? **

Hey, it’s not THAT bad.

**advertisers who don’t understand how billboards work
Just got an SKS rifle! **
Now that’s a fire sale.

**You don’t have to work here to help, but it’s mad. (mess up common sayings)

Practical Jokes At Work

Over in Cafe Society:

**Poison’s Drummer arrested - and I just found out his real name is…

Kristin Lavransdattir **

** Favorite expressions

Never a dull moment.

April Fool!


A product that COMPLETELY fails

Hm. Could be messy.

Will I ever understand people? Probably not.

omg omg omg someone just invited me over their house

** YAAAY!!! We’re singing with Bernadette Peters!!!

What do you think of this style of writing?
Hmmmmm. (Tasting). Too many exclamation points for my ttaste.

**Baseball Question: Would This be a Home Run?
Perky 1960s breasts **

Nope. Still just second base.

**A product that COMPLETELY fails
Free Typewriter **

Not exactly the best e-bay advert…