Sequential threads

I haven’t seen a sequential thread thread for a while. This struck me as funny in Comments on Cecil’s Columns/Staff Reports today:

“One in nine Americans over age 12 takes antidepressants”

“I like circus peanuts”

**Help me save Christmas!
Two funerals in my city today

Well… that didn’t go so well, did it?

**So… [just joined the board]
Let’s talk about my cock **

Off to a good start.

You ain’t been looking, OP - there’s always one on the go, and the previous one was called “Season of mists and mellow sequential threads”, people seemed to find it OK. But that was an autumn-themed title so it’s had its day. Here’s one:

** Semen contamination of computer mice.
Is this the creepiest photograph in the history of the world?**

No, but it’s a contender…

**Give Me An Example Of Sarcasm
I like you guys. **

Man sets fire to own house, then murders two firefighters.
Merry Christmas Everyone!

sigh. Yup. :frowning:

** Armed school personnel
God must be a sadist **

Yeah, in my day we just had detention.

Effing “MEEP” and the Effing Aholes who Designed IT!
For the lava god, you dumb bitch…

Lava gods have broader interests than I thought.

Who’s going to have a white Christmas?
Ask the conspiracy theorist**

Everyone will, once the Illuminati have their weather control machines ready and cover the world in ICE!!

** Ask the conspiracy theorist
Are there any advantages to having a baby face?**

Yes! If you’re cute and have dimples, no one will believe you’re a shape-shifting alien reptile. :eek:

Sad news from the North Pole
We Have Pigeon Eggs

In Cafe Society:

Can anyone tell me who this is?
Jack Klugman - RIP

In The Game Room:

**Haiku Madness

Thomas Was Alone…
total genius! Best game I’ve
played for a long time**

Dog Park Etiquette
Suing a tailgater for endangerment?

Dogs don’t consider it “tailgating”. :slight_smile:

**Merry Christmas, I’m So Hungover **

**Happy New Year! (from the US Embassy) **

** D’oh! **
Somebody slept in.

There must be basic training for sailors, right? What’s in it?
Water math question

“Now, listen up, you maggots! You’re in a compartment that measures eight feet from the deck to the overhead; ten feet from the port bulkhead to the starboard bulkhead; and fifteen feet from the aft bulkhead to the forward bulkhead. Water is entering this compartment at a rate of 30 gallons a second…”

**Your “I’m a grown-up now” moments
Santa brought me gallstones for Christmas **

MEBuckner, those were both awesome, I literally laughed out loud.

Why is the US Political system the way it is?
What is psychosis like?

** Give Me An Example Of Sarcasm
Hi Everone…!!!**

Dang snarky newbies.

On CNN’s home page:

Winter storm creating travel nightmare
What if we go over cliff?

Don’t worry, I drive this road all the time, doesn’t matter if visibility is zero, I could drive blindfo…OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU…

** Spanish translation–“I really have to go [to the bathroom]”
German speakers: Um berufen?**

Brits: “Out of my way you stupid git, there’s the W.C.”

** Post Your Local Gun Incident Here
Where did THAT come from?**

Yes, that’s it exactly.

** What is psychosis like?
Getting back together with an ex-spouse
That could be considered psychotic