More Sequential Threads

I just saw these. I’m not sure if I should post at the end of the last thread, or start anew. It is a new month and all…

**White Nose Syndrome, Will Bats Survive?

“Shitload of snow” in a newspaper - how do I find the source?

Why Don’t We Melt Snow?

Can Cocaine be transmitted via Semen during sexual activity? **

**What’s your experiences with full service gas?
Argh! Spiders! **

Standing up for women, I won’t be watching the Super Bowl.

**Your oldest plant…that you have personally planted.
Nigella eats the whole thing **

DAMN IT, NIGELLA! … that was 30 years old basil!

Is being gay going against natural laws?
U.S. Armed Services training question

Huh, I thought the repeal of don’t ask don’t tell would have a different effect.

**I just had the most insanely good breakfast
Your oldest plant…that you have personally planted. **


**Factoids that sound right, for a moment…
An infant walks into a bar…

Why would aliens come to earth?
Is It Worth It To Say Something?

Hi, fellas! Say, you’re double-parked.

** Anonymous person offers you $1,000,000. Do you take it?
Rich then or poor now? **

Yes=Rich; No=Poor

Why would aliens come to earth?
Best Used Minivan?

Best minivans in the galaxy, we have them! Yes sir, right here!

Clam Chowda!
At first, I couldn’t stand it, now it’s one of my favorites

**Describe God
The dyslexia myth
He’s about 50 pounds with brown hair and sheds a lot.

** Verizon Slaps AT&T with a Phallic Fleshy Object.
Standing up for women. **

And this is going to break the glass ceiling in what way?

Sunday Newspaper Condom Coupons are back…
Great, I smell like fish oil

“Is that a pickled herring, or are you happy to see me?”

This made me snort out loud. :smiley:

**Things Movies Almost Always Get Wrong

Becoming totally evil in the middle of the night.
I might actually go have brain surgery. Yikes

The number one predictor of divorce is…
Do you use your wedding china?

**Universal Love
Would it be possible to give birth to kittens?

**Wheels appear to go backwards?
The dyslexia myth

The SDMB Drinking Game
Argh! Spiders!

What the hell was in that drink???