Who hasn't posted in a Sequential Thread?

Starring right now in IMHO:
**Who hasn’t seen a desert?
Who Has Never Been in a Cave?
Who hasn’t seen the mountains?
Who hasn’t seen the prairie?
Who bites the ferrule?


Ball Hockey Boob Trauma
Describe it in three wrods.

I always wanted to be the first to say: Cite?

Right now in GQ

**I am in the bathtub with my (unplugged) laptop…dangerous?
Laptop is non functioning **

**Creamed Tuna on Toast
Starkist tuna is better than Bumble Bee tuna.


**Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

Describe it in three words

Buffalo^(8/9), Buffalo^(8/9), Buffalo^(8/9)

I’ve never posted in one of these. Until now.

**Describe it in three words

It’s 2:57 AM**

Who hasn’t posted in a Sequential Thread?
Thread titles that will have 0 replies and 0 views

**Describe it in three words
Cute Shoe Thread **

**I am so proud

My best friend is knocked up.**

Who hasn’t posted in a Sequential Thread? is my favorite sequential thread title of all time. :slight_smile:

An open letter to Yellowtail
Greetings. My name is Crandall Spondular

Watch out, Yellowtail, I think Crandall may be up to no good.

I pit a really stupid t-shirt
is it can be summer tiem now pleez?

Oh God, they’re putting lolspeak on t-shirts now?

An open letter to Yellowtail
My best friend is knocked up

In Cafe Society:

De-greasing a pan
Tell me a little bit about making soap

Well, if you used the right amount of lye, there shouldn’t be any grease left in the pan…

** Explain your DoperName!
You’ve GOT to be shitting me!! Names.

It’s a 99 Party MMP!
The Top 25 Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians
Boeing 777 loses power; glides to a safe landing **

The last three total 901

**Settle an argument: Is Maria Sharapova…
Lover or Beloved **

Neither. :frowning:

Another Time Waster
Does anyone else ice fish?

**What is too sexy/violent/scary or otherwise harmful for kids to see?

Dating after divorce **


Dang it NinetyWt! I came to this thread to post that exact same thing! Quite a good one over in IMHO.

**Why isn’t having a penis good enough?
What’s Your Pickle? **

**Is Genocide worse than Mass Murder?
Is “colorblindness” good, or even possible?