Masters of Sequential Threads

**Would You Marry A Friend To Save Their Life?


Best laptop cooling device?
raw milk

No, not really.

**Masters of Sequential Threads

My Fun-Filled Fishing Adventure! **

I love self-referential stuff!

100 reasons why evolution is wrong.
The Duggars whelp again

** Food Alternatives

I’m trying to like beer…really I am.

**Food Alternatives
I’m trying to like beer…really I am. **

ETA: What Cal said, dammit!

**Scary abdominal pain- what could it be? (TMI)

raw milk


Only if you’re Lactose Intolerant

** A whole new you!!


** So I’m here

Well, she’s gone

**Free cell phones, huh? That’s great, now how about…

Lead paint **

**SDMB Weight Loss Club, August
SWAT Team says: No more cookies for you! **

**What’s Your Sick Fantasy?


We have some gems at the moment:

The launch and maiden voyage of The Snow Pea
Another sick bag please … (icky)

I keep waking up crippled
So I had a professional massage yesterday…

A friend told me she has cervical cancer
The Radioactive Boyscout isn’t looking too good.

Thai police forced to wear Hello Kitty armbands as punishment
I found a kitty I have a question
Have you armed an insurgent today?

With friends like these…
Get out of Denver, baby, go! Go!

I found a really cool girl I want to meet. Should I ask her out?
I think I was Just Molested…

Formerly polite neighbor now makes unreasonable demands.
Well, she’s gone

Did you know it’s the power of Christ that keeps every atom from literally exploding?
Free drugs? What the hell?

**Posters should declare their interest when posting.
Seriously?? **

**I found a really cool girl I want to meet. Should I ask her out?
Awesomely terrible date ideas
Try This **

Buying a house within the next 6 months.
Do you like a clawfoot bathtub?

**Funniest sentence you’ve overheard lately

Son of a bitch! I’m addicted to lolcatz. **

It’s not just funny. It’s LOL.

**Try This

Free drugs? What the hell? **

First one’s free, kid.

Has anybody seen one slightly used 140 year old farmhouse? Mine’s missing
Funniest sentence you’ve overheard lately

** America’s Got Talent (summer 2007 season thread)
Man, I hate it when they sing. Except for…
Blueberry madness **

Yeah, I hope Blueberry Madness wins.