Human chimp hybrid,remotely possible?

Here is a link of dubious veracity:

But i have heard a lot of similar stories over the years,plus the close genetic relationship between chimps and humans.

So is there any remote chance of a “humanzee” being possible? is not the bastion of scientific veracity that you would expect…

I’d say a resounding “No” should answer this and any futher elaborations on this theme.

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Maybe. :wink:

Yes, of course there’s a remote chance of a chimp-human hybrid being possible, I once read a scientific study that found that ape sperm could penetrate the human egg, unlike other primate sperm.

You can’t completely rule out the possibilty.

No compelling reason why it isn’t possible.

Of course it most likely won’t happen “naturally” but with the enormous strides being made in genetic engineering, if it hasn’t yet been done in the lab, I’m sure it will be.

Oddly enough, I can’t remember where I read/heard this…I think Discovery Channel, someone help me here. Anyway, the genetic similarities between male and female humans are as close as a female human is to a female chimpanzee and likewise with the males.

Not being any sort of geneticist, I would think that cross-species pro-creation just might be possible.
But whoa! I’ve read too many science fiction novels to think that could be any kind of good at all.

So how does the human-chimp difference compare to the horse-donkey difference, or the lion-tiger difference, both of which cross-breedings are possible?

The main reason this hybrid will not happen in nature is behavioural; humans will not attempt crossbreeding with chimps; an adult chimp is much stronger than a human, and you will have your arm (or worse) ripped off.
It may happen in the not too distant future in vitro, however…

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Well, there is the strange case of Oliver.

which… is mostly over now.

So, is there any reason we can’t do it in vitro now? We have the technology to fertilize and implant an egg…what’s stopping us from implanting a human egg with chimp sperm and seeing what happens?

Aren’t horses and donkeys the same genus or whatnot but just different “races”, if you will?

Horses and donkeys are the same genus, but different species. Like chimps and humans, they also have a different number of chromosomes.

I think that only ethics are preventing the experiment from being done. But that probably won’t keep it from being tried sometime soon. I’d franky be surprised if an cross species fertilization couldn’t be accomplished in the lab. Whether the organism would mature or not might be a different question.

Camels and Alpacas have been cross-bred successfully and they are evolutionarily much more distant than humans and chimps are.

BTW, this subject has been explored many, many times on this board, both in GQ and GD. Do a little searching and you’ll find a number of threads. I’m not up for rehashing all the discusion here.

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