Human Digestive System Vs Cat Brain

Bet you can’t work out what this is about from the thread title. But it involves cats obliquely, so someone is bound to click on it.

According to this interesting article, there are about as many neurons in the human digestive system as there are in a cat’s brain, about 100 million. There’s a lot going on down there. We tend to think of the brain being in charge of the body, but really, it’s just at the head of a committee.

(Don’t worry cat lovers, this doesn’t actually mean our guts are as smart as a cat. The neurons are organised very differently. There are parallels between the two, both can be very demanding, but your favourite pet is in no danger of being superseded.)

Whew. I thought it was going to be what happens when one eats cat brain.

Much more hip than mad cow disease.

Mad Cat Disease from eating Burger & Fries.

Warning: Turn down your sound.

Enteric nervous system, also sometimes known as teh gut-brain, I believe.

Presumably cats have one too, so, for them, like us, it isn’t just what is inside the skull that matters.

Yeah, but a cat’s ENS is only as smart as a dog brain.
Which is why cats are so smug.

Guess this explains my cat’s fondness for puking.

That’s a helluva hair-brained cat you have there Finagle.

It’s just a quote-nothing else