Human looking androids are here

well sort of.

BBC Link

ok all it can do is sit there move it’s head and pretend to breathe, but it’s a first step.

What’s the consensus:- Creepy or Cool.

I’m going with creepy.

I’m wondering what the reason is for wanting androids to look human. Humanoid, yes. But human? :dubious:

I have to go with creepy as well.

So the Japanese have created the most lifelike love doll ever… facinating.

What is the point of making it look human and why are both the Q1 and R1 female? I’m not saying anything… just wondering.

This is going to be the best prom ever!

One actual application I can see is teaching medical staff procedures. In my degree we start off with dummys when learning how to inject, drop NG tubes, etc. It’s nothing like the real thing, but I’d imagine with more sophisticated dolls it could a lot more useful that it is at the moment.

If all it can do is sit and move its head, it sounds like nothing more than a Real Doll with an armature. And Real Dolls, which are EXTREMELY lifelike looking, have been around for years. I’d give you a link, but I’m at work.

If they can make it feed the cat, scratch behind her ears and clean the litter box, we humans are doomed.

All it has to be is cheap and half-way screwable and within one generation the birth-rate of the developed nations will plummet down to nearly nothing.

See “Real Dolls.” Also, some Real Dolls now come with an armature that allows their torsos to move in certain ways.

More human than human, that’s our motto.

If they find out about this at work, my days here are numbered . . .

Nice one Eve! lol

Don’t you think now that 2/3 of the people in your office are robots?

Yeah, but those things are expensive! Not that I’ve priced them… <nervous cough>

Of course. It would be a lonely-looking Japanese guy who would develop this thing! :smiley:

So you move your head at work, eh Eve? What’re you trying to do, make the rest of us look bad? :stuck_out_tongue:

What disturbs me the most, is when they start calling “it” a *“she”**.

I, for one, welcome our android overlords… our girl android overlords…

I could see these being very popular in department store windows…

Is this where we start rioting against the androids among us Animatrix style?

I start rioting the day they assign me to clean the sexbots.