Say, That's a Pretty Sexy Looking Robot

I think I’m getting “metal fever”.

I’m not sure what’s up with her hands, though. In the picture they look like they belong on the wolfman. It’s a good thing that she can’t move around too much, since the illusion would be shattered if she got up, started to walk across the room, and pulled her plug out of the wall.

I have a poster at home for a manga series involving a robot radio-station announcer in the year 2010: a girl growing out of a computer console/sound board.

Looks like they’re right on schedule.

Mmmmm… Giiirl Robots… :slight_smile:

Sheesh, robots designed to allow us to interact with an automaton more naturally. Just when I thought voice-mail was the ultimate evil.

Maybe it’s not so bad, though. I can’t imagine if a stacked robot invited me to “press one.”

Well ladies, It’ll all be up to you now to continue the forward advance of the human civilization. All participation from the male of the species is fixin’ to come to a screeching halt!

What are housing prices like in Stepford?

“This is going to be the best prom ever”

I think she’s wearing gloves.


She’s not in the business, she is the business.

Looking at that picture, I’m starting to get an idea what sci-fi writers were talking about when they wrote about humans not liking or trusting androids. My dinosaur brain does not like “her” at all.

It’s this kind of irresponsible science that’s just going to get the human race wiped out. Seriously- haven’t these guys seen ANY cyborg movies?

Or the educational film, I Dated A Robot!

[sub]Hey, if you can do Futurama references, so can I.[/sub]

Asimov was a prophet? Who knew?

In the future, the ones we will really have to watch out for are the humans who resemble androids.

At least they really did make her human looking, and resisted the temptation to make her a Houri with a 65GG bust.

Just for the record, that’s a gynoid, not an android. An android is a robot shaped like a man. A gynoid is a robot shaped like a woman.

And a steroid is a robot shaped like a castrated bull.
: d&r :

Does she shoot bullets out of her jublees?

No, that’s the Repliee Q2.