Human remains found in Folsom Lake


Price Club merged with Costco in 1993 and was completely gone by 1997. I’d like to hear how this case turns out (though I probably won’t).

“I have a heart. This is someone’s family member.” said Veronica Pearson, sharing photos she’d taken of the bones. Nice.

She should give the heart to the cops. What’s she doing with it, anyway? :dubious:

“The drought has likely played a part in the remains being found”

Ah, drought. Not doughnut as first read.

It’s probably that guy from Reno, that was shot just to watch him die.

While a lot of us starting thinking about unsolved murder, it was more likely a homeless person who died of natural causes or someone who died from an accident.

With a mobile phone and a Price Club card?

Easily possible. But they didn’t say anything about people who went missing at the lake, search efforts, etc.

The bones were scattered; so the phone and Price Club card may or may not be connected to that person–people lose stuff all over.