Human skin is basically leather

Therefore, it would stand to reason that something labelled “Leather Dye - Purple” might have some, ah, colorant effect on one’s skin if one were stupid enough to apply it, rather messily, without gloves.

As a side question of no particular import, does anyone know how long it takes to “shed” a layer of skin sufficiently to remove a layer of pigmentation?

Hypothetically, our purple hero (or heroine) might want to try Tends Skin Lotion on the dyed areas. This lotion helps accelerate the shedding of old skin, and the growth of new skin.

Or our hero(ine) could apply the dye all over, and take up a career as the Purple Menace, and post his/her exploits online.

Bachelor party?

Turns out rubbing alcohol (in the form of a couple dozen of my wife’s blood-test alcohol swabs) won’t eliminate the spots, but will fade them to the point where they just look like bruises.

I’ll try that lotion, too.

I wish. Apple’s ()(!@ iPad covers don’t come in decent colors, so I needed to adjust one. And now I match it.

Heh. Well, I STILL think that you should go ahead and dye yourself all over, and become the Purple Menace, or the Purple Avenger, depending on where you fall on the alignment grid.

My daughter bought me a Nook for Xmas, and she was very careful to buy a purple (well, orchid, actually) cover for the thing. I’m all in favor of more purple.

This post has been graped, by… never mind. :smiley:

And the OP has been graped. At least now we have an idea of how that person did their deeds. :wink:

Retired leather craftsman here… On its own, it will be about a week for the dye to disappear from skin. Most leather dye is alcohol-based, so yes, washing with something like rubbing alcohol or even hand sanitizer may dissolve some out faster, but be sure to moisturize afterward as alcohol on its own is very drying.

This is hysterical. Maybe present yourself to Apple - it’s a new marketing opportunity!

“I’m a PC, and I don’t come in any interesting colors either, but at least people won’t think you robbed a bank.”

If it makes you feel better…when I was a candlemaker, I was trying to get a squirt bottle of concentrated–highly concentrated–red candle dye open. Naturally, I was doing this by the “squeeze until it comes out by golly” method.
Which worked. In fact, it worked exceedingly well, to the point that I received a good splattering of dark bright brilliant intense scarlet all over my face, and hair, and hands, and neck. Let me tell you, candle dye, probably much like leather dye, is…well, very effective dye.
Sometimes you just gotta laugh and avoid mirrors for a while.
And be sure to take pictures. :slight_smile:

Oh gawd…is it grape month already?

A friend of mine was making roses for a wedding cake once and the bride kept refusing samples as “not red enough” Well she didn’t send the last batch back. My friend however had red hands, red contacts and a Golden retriever that could have passed as an Irish Setter in places. It took weeks (and new contacts) to get everything back to normal. Dyes are the devil.

Update, since I’m sure you’re all glued to your seats by this exciting tale: Rubbing alcohol in larger volumes reduced the staining to “light mottling” levels, and the passage of time has made the stains visible only if you know where to look.

So I’m more or less human again, and the dyed cover looks great. I (well, I and 5000 other people) will be in a room with Steve Jobs next week – we’ll see if he snatches it from my hands and beats me to death for a nonstandard coloration: “Your iPad cover does not match Apple standards, and we reject it!”

Also, according to the web site, the leather dye can be toxic if absorbed through large amounts of skin, so Lynn Bodoni’s “transformational” suggestion has also been rejected.

I am glad to hear, however, that I’m not the only miscolored mutant around.

You could always tell people you’re a laboratorian. It happens a lot.

I had a lovely crystal violet beard once after a mishap whilst staining slides. Being female this was doubly embarrassing. Immediate application of 95% ethanol was somewhat helpful.

At that concentration, I hope the application was external.

And grimace at people while you’re at it.

Well share, honey!

Does this mean if it were nontoxic, you’d be OK with being a Purple Menace or Avenger?

This reminds me of the Dick Van Dyke Show ep “A Show of Hands”. Rob and Laura accidentally dye their hands black right before having to accept a civil-rights award at a formal dinner, with predictably hilarious results.