Human vs Klingon vs Vulcan - How do they match up physically?

If there was a inter-species Olympics how would Humans vs Klingon’s vs Vulcan’s match up in various events like the decathlon etc?

Can Klingon’s and Vulcans swim?

Klingons were supposed to be the strongest. At least until a middle aged human name Picard started whipping their butts in fist fights.

still, I rank them in strength 1. Klingon 2 Vulcan 3 Human

in the Original series I recall Spock throwing humans around like rag dolls. He beat the crap out of Kirk in Amok Time

Almost forgot,

the Jem’Hadar are even stronger than Klingons
there were some great fights on Deep Space Nine

Anyone remember the DS9 episode where Sisko rescues the Klingon General from the Jem’Hadar.

Jem’Hadar had kidnapped all these aliens and were testing them in fights to learn their strengths and weaknesses. The Jem’Hadar were the baddest of them all.

IIRC humans have better heat resistance vs Klingon’s, cold resistance vs Vulcan’s and better long term endurance (“Enterprise” treadmill race of Quantum vs Catsuit,

Spock presumably swims from the downed Bird of Prey in The Voyage Home, and Worf is forced to walk the plank in Generations, so they can, at least.

As to strength, I assume Klingons are strongest, then Vulcans, with humans somewhere in the middle to lower half of the scale. As with most sci-fi and fantasy stories, we’re the physically unremarkable but plucky species.

'd give Klingons the edge in brute force type contests, like weightlifting, shot put, javelin.

Vulcans get the edge in endurance events–marathon, that thing where they ski then shoot, stuff like that.

Also might give a Vulcan the edge in boxing. Ali’s rope-a-dope is logical, afterall.

I always thought Vulcans were stronger than Klingons.

Spock also got into the tank with the whales and swam with them.

I always imagined Spock would be a great pool player. I figure he could easily calculate the angles when hitting the balls.

Your average Klingon or Vulcan could beat up the average Human, unless it was Capt. Kirk with a ripped shirt. Once his shirt is ripped, he has the strength of ten Kirks, plus two.

They are highly coordinated compared to humans(and Ferengi). They kicked the crap of of Cisco’s baseball team

Ok, that Grinch reference made me chuckle. :slight_smile:

I alwaysd thought that Vulcans were actually stronger than Klingons, but Klingons were “tougher”…as in they could take more physical punishment.

I wonder where Cardassians fall in this who is stronger stuff?

For what it’s worth, that half Klingon engineer Belanna in Voyager beat up a Vulcan in *pon farr *once.

To be fair, she was suffering from pon farr at the same time (Vorik had tried to rape her by forcing a mind meld, and wound up transferring some of the effects to her), so they were both pretty amped.

Damn that’s funny. And true.

In the ST:Enterprise episode Carbon Creek, a Vulcan does play pool against a hapless human, hustling a few bucks to buy food for himself and the rest of his stranded crew.

I always figured from a strcitly physical standpoint, the races were somewhat equal - its mor of an attitude thing.

The Klingon’s were the football players - they thought/acted and trained aggressive and had little fear for charging into battle.

The Vulcans were the Monks (not Adrian, More Quai Chan) - and lived primarily to avoid fighting in favor of intelectual pursuits - but when pressed, had the ability to do some serious asskicking. (Strategy generally beats brute force and all that)

Humans - somewhere in between.

I was given to understand that Vulcans are something like 6 to 10 times stronger than your average human due to the high Vulcan gravity and their copper-based physiology. I would imagine that would make them faster too, but I’m no physicist. I don’t have a citation for that, it’s just a memory I have from somewhere.

Klingons are raised to be bad ass. I don’t have the impression that they’re much stronger than either of the other two races, but maybe they are. They’ve got bigger, bonier heads, so maybe they’re really hard to knock out.

So, perhaps the outcome of a fight would depend on the relative training and pluckiness of the fighters. A trained fighter who was human or Klingon would have a pretty even chance against each other, but both should be crushed easily by a trained Vulcan.

This reminds me of a gripe I have about Spiderman II. Spiderman is super strong and if he punches a normal face, that face should just be pudding. I’m sure he pulls punches when fighting normal villains, but he *really *wanted to kill the crap out of Doc Oc in that movie, and Oc keeps fighting despite *not *having a super-face. <sigh>

Is the Vulcan grip a factor?