Human Weapon

The new series on the History Channel is great, in my opinion. Two trained fighters travel the globe, learning various martial arts and see how they do against a trained expert in that art. What do you guys think?

I think it’s moronic. I was going to start a pit thread after I saw the first preview for this idiotic show, in which I heard the phrase “infiltrating a ninja camp”.

But then I realized I didn’t give enough of a shit.

I have not seen the show, but no matter how good a fighter you are a bullet can stop you plenty easy.

Point being?

Well…he didn’t say they were infiltrating an actual secret ninja camp…just that it felt like they were. The place was in the middle of a forest in Thailand so…but then again, you don’t give a shit, so…whatever.

Very interesting series. I’ve taken a couple different forms (TKD, Shotokan, Judo) and love seeing other styles.

Meh. Looked kinda ghey to me last night. Never seen an actual street fight with a karate chop.

Slightly off topic,when Ray Mears was doing a series on native cultures around the world ,in the one where he lived with Mongol tribesmen he visited an intertribal festival where a wrestling competition for the champions of the various clans was a big feature.

He was invited to take part ,probably for the amusement of the locals, but went on to win two out of his three fights.
Not bad when you think that the other contestants most probably had been in training for a fair while beforehand and he had only turned up to watch .

I expect it altered some perceptions of Brit. T.V. presenters as all being effete westerners.

I haven’t seen this show…the idea is a bit intriguing (although my squeamishness may come into play while watching)…but, what in the holy hell does this have to do with history?

“MTVification” should become a popular term for when channels like this add tons of unrelated programming to get better ratings…“the MTVification of niche channels is making them all suck.”
Sorry if this is considered thread-shitting. Didn’t mean to.