Humanity's Greatest Achievement at year 3000?

What do you think humanities greatest achievement ever will be by the year 3000?

This assumes that we don’t destroy ourselves before then.

Some good examples:
Faster than light travel
Unlimited clean energy
Intelligent artificial life (AI)
Computer-human brain integration
Colony on another planet (or on another planet in another star system)
Interaction with Intelligent Alien Life (Assuming we come to them, or find them)
Holodeck (Like off ST:NG)
Blackhole creation
Worm Hole creation
Naked Singularity creation
Personal Teleporters
Designing of a weapon capable of destroying the universe (Say it was built in 3001 :wink: )
Virtual Reality straight into your brain (Like the matrix)

Here’s what I think: Interdimensional/time travelling machine.

But I am sure you could come up with something better… :wink:

A better mousetrap.

I think technological advancement is going to level off centuries before then. Once we have immortality and virtual worlds indistinguishable from the real one there won’t be any motivation to do anything else, and I think we’ll have both within a century.

Staying alive.

(NO, not the movie!)

“Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards men”

…Since we’re dreaming…

Something better than sliced bread?

:: Lights are lowered as Conan and Andy switch on their flashlights ::

In the year three thou-sand

How about lowering the freezing temperature of beer, it just seem cold enough for me these days.

Surviving :frowning:

We’ve got about as much chance of making good predictions as folks back in the year 1000 would’ve had of predicting the world today…
“Herger Olafson, as a Viking of the year 1000, what do you predict will be man’s greatest achievement by the year 2000?”

“Well, by Odin, I believe that the entire world will be connected by electronic signals over copper wire, enabling a Viking in Oslo to instantly communicate with an Aztec in Tenochtitlan…”*

Speaking as a confirmed tree-hugger. I hope we can say that we are no longer destroying our Earth. Although, if we haven’t stopped abusing it long before 3000, there probably won’t be much left anyway.


DOESN’T seem
::::writing that in the blackboard 50 times:::::

Humanity’s Greatest Achievement at year 3000?

A message board daemon that will prevent my damn chain reaction typos!

Getting rid of Microsoft. :wink:

After a thousand years of rangling over the economy and much hemming and hawing,

after the start of an avoidable ice age, and the subsequent efforts to hasten it’s end,

after we finally figure out not only how to effectively control overpopulation, but how to feed everyone on the planet,

after 2 big world wars and many minor skirmishes,

after we finally discover an ethical calculus to determine the moral value of anything (this will be a very tough one),

after we make ourselves immortal,

after we discover a fool proof method for raising children and governing society while still maintaining freedom of expression,

after a little more rangling in the World Congress over the cost and feasability of such a thing…

The funds for a manned mission to Mars and a permanent Lunar Colony will be approved.

My initial reaction was Speed of Light travel. I hope to do this in my lifetime (A man’s gotta dream. It’s always been a guilty pleasure of mine to prove people wrong) however, so maybe a loftier goal is required. The logical extension from that would be to transplant civilization to another planet that can sustain human life…but I’m no quitter. So with no further ado, by the year three thousand, we will clean up this planet.

Thanks to the hard work of eminent posturologists, slouching will be eliminated by the year 3000.


The self-baking pie.

Look who’s the optimist.