hurray for the mods! I just found out what they do..

so after 5 years of being a Doper, I just got to see the mods in action…

I just tried to post a reply to a really,really stupid thread in GD, and got an unusual error message saying “you don’t have access to this page”.
So I log out, log back on again, look for the same page and the thread I wanted to post in—but , lo and behold, it had disappeared!
Yes, folks, the mods were at work…and the universe is a better place again.

You see, the thread was totally unworthy of us Dopers. It was started by a guest, (apparently his first post), and was written to warn us about the Illiterati and the great international conspiracy to take over America by the United Nations.

Nobody took the thread seriously, but a half dozen Dopers posted witty retorts. So I decided to add one of my own, gently mocking the OP. But after typing it, I hit the submit button, and the site locked up- “no access to this page”.

Verily, I say unto thee, the ways of the moderators are wise! They must have deleted the thread in the same minute that I was typing my post.

So now I know why this site stays so great, so consistently : the mods are working hard , to the benefit of all us little folks. They take out the garbage before we ever see it.

Thanks to all.
I hope your moderator underoos are a tax-deductable expense.

It’s good to be in the know, isn’t it? Yes, once a year, the mods create a sock, start an incoherent thread, leave it around juuuust long enough…


you got something on your nose, there

for what it’s worth, I agree…mods here rock! Just don’t let on I said anything, 'kay?

So our mods are also rockers?

Oh, the multitasking. :smiley:

If you visit the board a lot you will eventually see the odd “free porn” thread pop up. It is usually gone within 10 minutes.

My guess is that it receives a fury of reports so that at least one of the mods will notice and delete it.

chappachula How’s it feel to be the first person at a cut off point?

Does a poster’s post count go down when a thread is deleted, or is it only upped by posting, and not accounted for after that?

They’re mockers!

The mods who are also rockers go to Brighton or Blackpool or Scarborough or somewhere on a Bank Holiday weekend and … beat themselves up.

I don’t know what their bikes look like (Vespa 500cc?), or what sort of clothes they wear (leather parkas with black-and-green stripes?), and Lord alone knows what their music sounds like or what their haircuts are.

Pleaaaase tell me that’s not a typo!

And they still manage to hold down that bellboy job.

They are the mods, they are the mods,
They are, they are, they are the mods…

Vote Lakai for not helping my access to porn be any easier.

Oh wait. Wrong topic.
Yeah, they are pretty fast on the button. Although that might be a involuntary reflex from having their jackboots too tight.

For a second there I was actually worried that someone voted for me.

Thank god I’m sitting out Mafia V.

I was coming here to chime in on this. I post mostly on the overnight basis, when even the mods need their rest. Every now and then there is a spam post that seems like it get’s left out a bit too long. I’ll see it, see that it is reported, and move on. Ten to twenty minutes later I’ll come back and see it still in the forum, and think that maybe I should report it again. I’ll post in it, temporaily bumping it, then it seems like everyone else jumps in for some fun.

Soon enough, like killer whales flinging sea lion cubs through the air, everyone who is up at that hour is joining in in a fun pile-on/mock-fest of the spam thread. You can say anything you want, because like in the well missed *Bizarro Dope * you knew it was going to be wished away. So go ahead, admit things that would even make Auto blush. Because by morning it will be no more!