Hurrican Dennis

Category 4, 135 mph winds. It’s taking the exact same path as Ivan, which means it’ll slam into the same abused stretch of beach, which just so happens to be my favorite beach on Earth.

Batten bown the hatches, Pensacola and Orange Beach. A monster’s coming. It’s already killed some 35 people. :frowning:

It’ll be here before the weekend is out.

Oh God. Please fix my embarrassing typo, mods! It sears the eye!

If you hadn’t pointed it out I would never have noticed, Ogre!

The message was far more important anyway.

I just assumed the wind blew the “e” away. :smiley:


There it is! Wind blew it over!

I hurr-evaced on Friday and am sitting tight in TX, awaiting the worst. I have no house to worry about, only an apartment, but my heart goes out to the business and homeowners who are about to suffer another kick in the teeth. I would like to see a silver lining here, but am having trouble doing so. I think the best we can do is to hope for no further loss of life.

Between this and the London bombings (I regularly debarked at King’s Cross station and have many freinds who still do) this has been a heavy week. Shoot :mad:

It just makes it look more like Hurakan, the god for whom it was named.

My family always evacuates and always ends up worse off while their homes are untouched. My cousin in Ft. Walton moved inland to Crestview, FL, checked into a Ramada Inn, and the roof was blown off.

My sister evacked to my brother’s lake house (who the hell evacs to a lake house 40 miles from the coast as the crow flies when a hurricane is coming? I just told you… my sister which, needless to say, flooded and has her unable to move her cars out.)

Still, it seems far less damaging than expected.

I am sitting here at work with wet hair and no make-up. We lost power yesterday afternoon. Just random patches throughout the city. If the power is still out tonight, we start barbequeing everything in the freezer and waiting for one of the hotels to have a vacancy. Any body know how to barbeque pizza?

My mother lives in the townhouses by ASF and has been incredibly lucky- she’s never lost power during any of the hurricanes or whatnot. Almost a pity, because she’s done the whole “stock up on propane and propane accessories”, list of neighbors to butcher first if need be, punchbowl full of ammo, etc., during every anticipated disaster.

Here in Tuscaloosa, all three colleges closed for today even though the storm was ultimately the most overblown thing since Rock City.