I'm in Southern Illinois, how hard will hurricane Dennis hit me?

I’m right on the very southwestern tip of the state. It looks like he’s going to peek his head in my area about Tuesday morning. Here is a link of what it’s looking like Tuesday morning where I live.

Should I be worried? What should I expect? In terms of momentum, will the hurricane have completely lost it by the team it gets up here? I understand it’s a category 4 hurricane. Any speculations as to how it will be on tuesday compared to the category four.

On a side note, Monday night (tomorrow) I plan on throwing a “hurricane party” where hurricane drinks are served, everyone wears hawaiian shirts, tropical atmosphere. Jimmy Buffet (on CD of course, unless someone has connections…kidding.) Just something fun. Any ideas on how to make it a better party or improving the theme?

If it gets up that far to you, I expect by that time its chief manifestation would be rain. Lots of it.

I have no idea how hard a smack Dennis will lay on you. The worst hurricane to hit Georgia in recent years was Opal. By the time it got to Georgia, it was just the remnants of a tropical storm, but it stalled here and rained like crazy for days, right over the watersheds of most Georgia rivers. The result was a series of 100 and 500 year floods throughout the state, submerging whole towns (Montezuma, Newton, Albany). It was quite a disaster.

Now, as to the party, if you want that coastal ambience, you could buy some of those temporary tattoos and set up a fake tattoo parlor in a corner of your place. If you have a lot of bread to spend, you could buy some of those tiny lobster tails and call them “Royal Reds” – a type of shrimp with a large, lobster-like shell I’ve only seen on the Gulf coast. And if you can get some female guests to wear thong bikinis and let on that they’re refugees from a strip club, well, you win.

Illinois is suffering from a terrible drought right now. We need the rain, badly. I am looking forward to some nice rain.

Plus, my mom always freaks out when anything bad happens in the entire eastern portion of the country and calls to make sure I am okay (“Mom, those tornadoes were in Ohio. I’m in Illinois. I swear, I’m fine.”), so it’d be funny if I actually experienced some hurricane-induced rain.

Um, assuming it’s toned down by the time it hits Chicago. And not to make light of the serious damage this thing will cause the southern states. Take care of yourselves down there.

Most of my in-laws live in So. Ill. Where exactly are you chefIL11? (And in “exactly”, I don’t mean long/lat. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Carbondale, IL

Holy cow, my brother-in-law lives in Carbondale! (My mother-in-law lives in DuQuoin).

Small world, eh?

Looking at some of your posts–are you a student at SIU? Is that in Carbondale? (My wife’s an alum).

This is true. I am a Saluki

Trying to remember the last hurrican that gave us something to remember.

It was in 1988 or 1989–summer. Chloe?

Anyway, it was just tons of rain–which would be mighty welcome at this point.

Of course, I am near Chicago, so you might get some more wind, but tornadoes etc, I doubt highly.

at the most he would be a tropical storm. at best he will be remnants.

lots of wind blown rain.

we had a bit of cindy go by on friday. she started around midnight and was over by 1pm. tree damage and a bit of flooding here and there. that’s about what you may see tomorrow.

Well, it’s here. It’s been here for at least a few hours (came in sometime early this morning).

Lots of rain, which we needed.

radar shows it’ll probably be here another hour at least, though it’s still got a strong counter-clockwise rotation going on, which I’m not familiar with very much (in Illinois, weather goes west to east, damnit!).

I live in west central Indiana, and the latest local forecast says we’re going to get 2-3" of rain, and maybe an occasional thunderstorm, in the course of the next few days.
It’s awfully dry up here, too, and we really need the rain. I’m looking forward to it!

You are thinking of Alberto. Opal was a fast moving storm which is why the inland wind damage was so strong. Fun fact: we got 5" of rain from Opal. The night before we got 6" from a regular front. (Which is why so many trees went over. The ground was already saturated.)

Linky (Opal’s entry is the one after):


(So far: Arlene: 1-2", rain gauge fell over. Cindy: 4.6". Dennis: 2.4".)

Here in St. Louis we have a gentle rain falling. So what’s it doing in Carbondale?

Graduated from SIU…and the whole time I was there, I don’t remember any remnants of hurricanes passing through.

We used to get some good thunderboomers in the summer, but nothing out of the ordinary.

I lived in Trueblood Hall, if it still exists.

Raining… hard and consistent. It’s been steady rain all day and there are areas starting to flood. Doesn’t look like it’s going to let up anytime soon either.

Trueblood is still around… It’s a dining hall now.

Ooops…it was then too. My dorm was right next door to it…but have forgotten the name. Four stories high, crappy cinder block walls, community showers.

I know northern Illinois (Starved Rock area) needs rain badly. Have everybody in your dorm stand outside and blow it north.

I love Carbondale. My sister was a Saluki.