Gulf Coast Dopers: Are you ready for Dennis?

I went through the three hurricanes that hit central Florida last year. You have my sympathies. I admit to feeling a tiny bit of relief that Dennis is going to miss us, but then, the season is still young. :frowning:

This one looks bad. Please, get ready and check in when you can.

Dammit, forgot to post the tracking link. This one updates automatically, so you should get the most current information when you click on it.

Oh yeah, run for cover, he looks like a bad one.

We here in the midwest are also hoping that he’ll track north and dump some water on us by midweek as they’re predicting.

I hope everyone in the path of the hurricane makes it through safe and sound.
Since I live in west central Indiana, we are needing the rain really bad right now. I feel bad saying it, considering the folks in the path, but I do hope it makes it up this far and drops some much needed rain on us.

I’ve seen three forecasts since 5AM, and it’s gone from possibly hitting the NOLA area, to unlikely, and it looks like it just wobbled back to it’s original path. I wouldn’t mind evacuating, just got an mp3 player and my aunt has an incredible house and much alcohol in Hot Springs.

I’m in Tampa but we have a house in the Keys (Marathon, about halfway down). I was just there the day before yesterday, and in Key West last week - but we had no clue about Dennis then. Hopefully Marathon won’t get it too bad, especially since our boat is down there! I sure do feel for those folks in the panhandle though. Even if it doesn’t end up hitting them, they’re still having to deal with a lot of stress and it’s still early in the season. They’re predicting tropical storm force winds here, and of course there’s still a slight possibility that it could take a sharp turn for us (let’s hope not!). My brother is having a hurricane party, so I’ll probably drop in on that later tomorrow evening if our prognosis doesn’t worsen. :wink:

BabaBooey, my mom is in the New Orleans area and is debating whether to go ahead and leave or not. She’s got free lodgings up here, so that makes it easier. After the 24 hour drive from hell we endured last year, when we decided to leave too late (I’ve since moved) I kinda suspect she’ll head up this way just to avoid the possibilities of a) riding out a storm and b) dealing with that traffic jam again.

I wasn’t ready for it. I was supposed to be in Panama City this weekend, through Monday. I rescheduled for later this month.

For all who are in it’s path, stay safe.

Ivylass, if Charlie taught us anything last year, it was that until the thing is past all predictions are just that. It’s unlikely to directly affect you, but still stay alert.

Top-Shelf-Gulf Coasters: Good luck, stay safe! This one looks mean, and the very high Gulf water temperatures we have now are not going to help. I’m betting it lands as a four or a five.

LoganDear: where are you in Tampa? We live in Westchase. Also, want to take me with you to the Keys sometime? I’ve lived in Florida off and on since 1977 and have never been to the Keys (I’ve only been to the Panhandle once, as a tourist from Georgia, in 1975).

From what we’ve been told at work, it could wobble a bit after it passes Cuba. So we’ll see in the next 12-24 hours. I hope it doesn’t pull a Charley…turning east at the last damn minute.

I live in Seminole County (north of Orlando) and work in Osceola County (south of Orlando), but I didn’t move up here until after the big four hurricanes last year, so I missed all the problems. I’ll be hoping for the best for everyone in Dennis’ path, especially because I have good friends in Pensacola who got hit hard last year. Hopefully we can all get off easy this season.

Ah, Westchase, nice. We’re in Brandon. I’m always looking for someone to go to the Keys with. Unfortunately most people have jobs (as will I, one of these days - this is my summer vacation. I’m normally at school in Baton Rouge). I’ve got the Keys Disease already as I’ve been the past 3 weeks in a row. I was actually considering staying through this weekend, but I would’ve had to stay by myself and I tend to get freaked out when I’m alone down there. Strange noises and things crawling across the roof… yeah, I’m freaked out easily. Anyway, I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t stay. But I absolutely love it there - it’s like a different world. I do hope the hurricane doesn’t disfigure my tropical paradise! I’m reading a book Storm of the Century about the Labor Day hurricane in Islamorada in 1935. Major hurricanes in the Keys = bad news! Luckily it doesn’t look like the eye will make landfall there, so I’m not too concerned. But a storm this bad, in July? Who knows what the rest of the summer will bring. We didn’t even make it to the "C"s before August last year (Charley).

:: sorry 'bout the slight hijack ::

Brandon, eh? That’s like Tampa-lite, right?


Keys sound interesting, I definitely need to get down there sometime. When’s the best time to visit?

If you want a wild party, go to Key West during Halloween.

I was born and grew up in New Orleans, but I swear, there could be a Cat 5+ hurricane bearing down on the mouth of the river, and my mom would still refuse to evacuate. She is very stupid. I mostly think she wouldn’t want to come stay with us because we wouldn’t let her smoke in the house. My sister has a huge Labrador retriever and we have three cats, which is another complication.

In the spirit of fighting ignorance, you need to get out more and explore our state Shibb. Some of the best places in the state that have not been over developed are in the Panhandle and the Keys.

Peninsula people (that includes you Ivylass in Lake County) it looks like you’ll be mostly in the clear from all the super destructive winds thanks to the high in the Atlantic and NOLA people and westward, you maybe saved by a mid-level trough in your area. These two features will probably force Dennis between them. Which should steer Dennis to make landfall somewhere between Gulfport, MS and Ft. Walton Beach, FL with Pensacola/Mobile being the prime target. But of course as stated above, these things can always change.

I’m going down to Mexico Beach (Panama City area) today to help my folks prepare. We may all come back to Tally tomorrow night or very early Sunday morning depending on what Dennis does. I’ll try and give you guys a report from that area later tonight or tomorrow, but be patient because there’s only a dial-up connection there!

Oh yeah and Phish Head, I think canceling your trip was a smart thing mainly because your parental units are staying in an RV. See you at the end of the month.

I don’t know about that. Some of the most undeveloped areas may be the Gulf Coast stretch above Spring Hill / Hernando County. There are not as many true “beaches” and it’s hard to get to from most major population centers. It’s a long haul, a couple of hours, to get up to Cedar Key and parts nearby from here. I’ll probably have some chances to get up in the panhandle to compare sometime soon, though. And I guess I have to make myself get down to the Keys.

It’s true that the Hernando/Pasco/Citrus coast is very undeveloped, but you should see the Nature Coast above Cedar Key. The coastline in Levy/Dixie/Taylor counties makes that area seem like a metropolis. Going to Cedar Key from TPA Bay has gotten easier thanks to the Suncoast Parkway and SunPass.

If you think going to Cedar Key is a long haul from Tampa Bay, try driving from Tally to Lauderdale. We do that often. We’ll be doing it again on Tuesday.

I’ve lived in Florida full-time since 1983. Lived in all three regions (North/Central/South) and been to all 67 counties mulitple times.

Yikes, sorry for the hijack. Back to Dennis the Menace. :slight_smile:


Lake County isn’t in the Peninsula. I’m in central Florida. Are you thinking maybe of Lake City?

All of CENTRAL FLORIDA is in the peninsula Ivylass. :rolleyes: