Gulf and Floridopers: The Ernesto Thread

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Yesterday only one model was heading toward Florida. Now, it looks like most of them. I guess we’ll have to see if the Cuban mountains slow this thing down any.

Find your batteries, get the ice, fill your gas tank.

Done, done and done.
In your second link, the powder-blue storm track model has a direct hit on us.
If that turns out to be the case, we’re outa here.
Am researching right now.

Eh, Category 3s we can handle. It’s the 4s and 5s that make me go :eek:

Besides, for the second time in three years, I face a loss of power and being stuck at home around my birthday. Phooey.

ivylass, maybe you should come visit me, then. Not that I want a hurricane, but we really need some rain here… :wink:

Be safe.

I probably need to warn my daughter - she is oddly disinterested in the news.

Those durn college kids!

Actually, we need the rain here too. For some reason, my little corner of the world has its own microclimate, and it could be raining all over the place except in my little town. Something to do with our proximity to Lake Apopka, I’ve heard.

Oh, and FCM, why isn’t The Perfect Child [sub]tm[/sub] a member of the boards yet, hmmmmm?

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, my kid never got into the message board thing. I bought her a membership, and she posted a couple of times, but lost interest. And now between her junior year, her work, and being newly engaged (oh yeah, I’m thrilled…*) she doesn’t have a lot of time for anything.

*Just kidding. My future son-in-law is a nice guy and they’re waiting till she graduates. But doggone, she’s my baby!!! How dare he!!! <sigh>

Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials! It’s a good sign, they’re waiting until she graduates.

And what are his prospects, may I ask? Is he worthy of her? Does he promise to maintain her in the lifestyle she is expecting? More importantly, do he and FairyChatDad get along?

The latest update (click on the link in my OP) has it definitely hitting Florida.

Well, we’re accelerated at work anyway due to Labor Day, so this shouldn’t cause too much of a crunch, at least in my department.

The latest update from the National Hurricane Center has Ernesto making landfall in the Tampa Bay area early Thursday morning. I was planning on visiting my parents in Citrus County (about 90 minutes north of Tampa) on Friday night.

If I don’t go, this will be the second time in two years that I missed my Dad’s birthday – I skipped the trip last year because there were rumors of impending gas shortages after Katrina. My parents may not even have room in their house, since my grandma would most likely have to evacuate from her condo and would be staying in their guest room. I guess I’ll have to wait for further updates.

If it’s going to hit close to your parents, can they come over to your place?

I hate to say it but, SWEET! If it hits Thursday morning, I don’t have to work Thursday through Monday. Woooo.

Of course, just a little hurricane is Woo, not a category 4 or 5.

I’d be more than happy to let them stay with me, but I live in a one-bedroom, 500 square foot apartment. I’d have to find space for my parents, my grandma, and my two sibs. It would get ugly really fast.

I’m not too worried about my parents – their house got through Hurricane Frances in 2004 without a problem. Ever since Frances, however, people in that region tend to panic. Gas stations sometimes run out of fuel, and I’d hate to be 240 miles from home with no way to get back for work on Tuesday.

I’m so embarrassed about hijacking the hurricane, but…

Prospects? Well, he wants to go back to school. He works at Universal escorting the characters in the big costumes, among other things. Apparently he’s very good in the PR arena, and was recently promoted, but he’s not looking for a theme part career.

Worthy? No man is worthy of my child. But he’s a nice guy, and he treats her well.

I don’t know what lifestyle she’s expecting, but she seems excited about the prospect of spending the rest of her life with him, so there’s that.

And yes, he does get along with us. He’s congenial, and funny, and polite. He actually called and asked for our permission and our blessing. After he’d given her the ring, tho. Wonder what he would have done if we’d said no??

I’m just glad it’ll be a long engagement. She’s never had a bf last longer than about 16 months, so the 2+ years till she’s out of school is a good thing, in my eyes. At least she’ll be my baby a little longer… <sigh>

Wow. That powder blue track has it going directly over me, too. Of course, several states north of you Floridopers. I guess it would just be rain. Which we actually need.

But here’s hoping Ernesto decides he’s not interested in playing and just goes away!

We are ready up here near Daytona. If there is anything that the other FlaDopers need please don’t hesitate to ask. Either before or after this thing.
Hey FCM- Sounds like good news all round!

We’re a little panicky here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I just don’t think people around here can psychologically handle another devastating hurricane. We’ve made plans to evacuate to Jackson if need be, and are currently trying to eat through everything in our fridge. Excuse me, I have to go deep-fry chicken livers and cook french fries right now.

There is just no way in heck that they have a model that accurate this far out. Wait and see, and also have your Dad come visit you.

  • Shibb, who lives just north of Old Tampa Bay and is possibly in denial.

…and the latest track shifts to the east, with a greater probability of the hurricane landing far south and tracking up the east side of the state. In other words, we all get wet.

Sweetie, check the map…it’s not going to hit anywhere NEAR you.

I’ll pass on the chicken livers, but as long as you’re messing with the deep fryer, do you have any green tomatoes around?

That is that it’s probably not going to Mississippi. Hurricanes are fickle creatures and we really don’t know anything about where he’ll be in 3-4 days. I’m kind of hoping that it doesn’t get much chance to pick up steam and just makes us rainy in Florida for a few days. The Everglades can always use as much rainfall as it can get.