Huzzah for DDR!

…the game…not the memory.

See, for some time I have noticed that I’m not exactly what you would call “in shape”…not that I’m obesce, just not physically fit.
Well, last week, my friend drug me into the arcade and forced me to play DDR…after I got over the fact that I sucked and probably looked like a fool, I noticed that I was out of breath and sweating…yes, friends, I was getting an aerobic excercise. See, I’ve never really been one for excercising…always found it pretty boring…but mix excercise and a video game and…well I’m jumping to play (quite literally, those double arrows kill me.) So yesterday, I went out and bought the game for my PS2, and now I can play in the comfort of my own home without worry of anyone laughing at me…well except for you people…and my mom…and the occaisonal friend…

Ach, ich dacte dass wir die Deutsche Demokratische Republik diskutieren wollten.

Macht ruhig weiter.

I’ve been thinking of getting the pads for my PS2, mostly because I think my downstairs neighbor doesn’t hate me enough.

-points- haha!

I kid, it’s fun to watch people play, especially when they’re good.

I have a friend who attributes much of her weight loss (and subsequent much improved self-image) to having a readily available and fun aerobic workout available. I say have fun! It’s really truly beneficial. A video game that actually can improve your health…

I used to play DDR all the time, but I’ve sorta dropped off the past few months. I bought DDR MAX2 and haven’t played it more than 2 or 3 times. Maybe it’s time for me to break out the pads again… gotta work my way back up to being able to pass Rhythm & Police on heavy mode!

On a not-completely-unrelated note, I’ve been addicted to Karaoke Revolution for the past week.

Maybe that’s why my sore throat hasn’t healed…