Hydrocortisone and an itch

Something crawled into bed with me last night and snacked on my leg a bit. Itches like crazy.

So out comes the hydrocortisone and presto! No more itch. But it doesn’t seem to be an anesthetic - the affected area isn’t deadened; it just doesn’t itch anymore.

So, how does hydrocortisone so effectively stop itching?

Hydrocortisone is an anti-inflammatory. By reducing the inflammation, it ipso facto reduces the irritation.

Hydrocortisone is actually one of the steroids referred to by the acronym NSAID, or “non-steroidal anti-inflammatory”.

Actually, hydrocortisone is very much a steroid. It is the “natural” one made by your adrenal glands.

Yes, it’s the steroid by which all the NSAID’s are defined.