Hypersensitive modding in MPSIMS

I thought this was unwarranted moderation, but I just let it go …

But then we have this:

“Political jab”? It’s a direct quote from a CNN headline, FFS!

Yes, these were just gentle mod notes, but they’re hugely misguided and set the wrong tone IMHO regarding the kinds of discussions that should be appropriate in MPSIMS.

I didn’t comment on that in the thread for obvious reasons, but I think saying that “a visit heavy on rheoteric and light on action” is a fairly reasonable and neutral prediction. To me, it doesn’t read as a comment on Biden as much as it does on the current constraints the US and NATO are currently working under.

This one is probably my fault. When I read it this morning, it looked like a political jab out of nowhere and I flagged it. In better context as you explained here, I would not have flagged it.

I’m not sure how closely puzzlegal is following the thread and if she mostly just saw my flag, probably also saw it out of context. Out of context, it looks like a political jab in a breaking news story. I believe the MPSIMS mods are trying to cut back on those.

So at least on my part, I want to apologize for flagging it.

I’m not an MPSIMS mod, but I think the moderating post to remind Frodo it wasn’t the pit was perfectly reasonable. I would fully support that one.

Thank you, @What_Exit, for frankly and openly explaining it.

No more comments from me for awhile as I’m off to my eye doctor for testing to see if I have glaucoma in addition to cataracts!