Seeking some clarification

I recently read the following “sticky” or warning by Ed Zotti concerning the MPSIMS forum:

I’m not sure I really understand what is meant by this post and so, I’d like to ask just how close my posts #23 and #25 in the following link comes to violating that sticky.

I didn’t send a private message to Ed Zotti and instead, chose to post my question in this forum because I assumed Ed Zotti is not generally available to answer questions about the MPSIMS board here. Although I’ve seen him post about rules for these forums, I have never seen him answer any questions about the rules here.

IMHO, I don’t see you anywhere near crossing any lines.

Well, I wanted to be more explicit - specifically saying that NK continually spouts “crazy rhetoric”. Would that be something that could come close to a “political jab”?

I saw one poster get a warning for claiming that certain government were crazy and threatened world peace. I figured he got that warning, in part, because he wouldn’t stop talking about it. He just kept on “cranking” it out. He actually got banned in the very same thread after ignoring a warning from a mod to knock it off.

What the sticky warns about is if people start making posts like “Hopefully the dumb-ass Republicans don’t use this as an excuse to ramp up war rhetoric and get us into a fight we don’t want.” Or something like that. Political jabs at NK are fine, political jabs at other posters are not, IMHO. YMMV!

OK. Now I understand much better. Thank you very much.

How about North Korean Republicans?

Only if they post here.

I could swear …

But its safer to do so in the Pit. :wink: