Hypnovision Subliminal Tapes

Has anyone ever tried those hypnovision subliminal tapes at [link delted] and if so did they work. If you read through there website there tapes have been featured on most of the major news networks and magazines. I’ve actually recently purchased some of their tapes as I suppose I’ll never know until I try them for myself but I would be very interested on other peoples’ experiences with them.

Looking at the site, I see they also sell Magic Amulets and have an Occult Shop. Do we need to go any further?

Subliminal messages have never been shown to do anything except lower the value of one’s checking account.

Thanks for the reply and I have to say that a debate on whether subliminals work or not could go on for ever. I read many books and viewed many websites on this sort of thing and was still none the wiser. So I thought I’ll waste my money and time in pursuit of the answer. The results were that I only actually received results from some tapes I purchased from [link deleted] I think it would have been better if I didn’t receive any results then I could have put this subject to bed for ever - but with these results it just wetted my appetite more. From my experience I can tell you that 95% of companies that sell subliminal tapes are con-artists but there are a small minority that do sell effective tapes - so there must be something in it. I have not received my hypnovision tapes yet but would be very interested in other people’s experiences of them.

If you don’t mind…

What positive result did you recieve from the innertalk tapes? How are their tapes done? Is it truly subliminal, ie, the tape would appear to be music, or noise, or entertainment and not discussion somehow related to the behaviour it is supposed to influence?

Since you have first hand experience with them, I am very curious.

For example, if you bought a tape to manage your finances better and the tape actually discusses finances, it wouldn’t be entirely subliminal. If the tape sounds like a recording of nature sounds (for example) it would be.

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Cecil Adams discusses subliminal tapes in this column: http://www.straightdope.com/classics/a2_324.html

I am able to test the effectiveness of subliminal tapes by purchasing the ‘health’ tapes and noticing any effects of improvement in my health. I have been a sufferer of ‘psoriasis’ (skin disorder) for many years and have used these tapes to see if there has been any improvement. As mentioned above only one tape did produce any measurable effect. The psoriasis did start to clear up. Another interesting item that had a profound effect on my skin were these magnetic rings - I stopped using them after 8 days otherwise they would have cleared up my skin completely (obviously I’ll go back to using them when I’ve finished testing these tapes). Going back to this subliminal tape though it was a clear indication to me that they worked. It couldn’t have been just a placebo effect otherwise all the others would have produced the same results. It was a subliminal tape with the suggestions masked by relaxing music - not completely masked though as occasionaly you can hear the tops of some words. At the moment I have been testing one of their ‘prosperity’ tapes for about 3 weeks with no improvement in my financial situation - as of yet. What does interest me greatly is the tapes supplied by Hypnovision - they have over 3000 tapes to choose from. I actually received there tape called ‘psoriasis busters’ which was custom made and cost me $90 - the most expensive tape I’ve ever purchased so it had better work at this price. I’ll let you know of my progress.



You’re wasting your money.

I may be wasting my money but how else am I supposed to find out if they work. The potential rewards far outweigh the cost of the tapes. I think the worst thing anyone can do is dismiss something without trying it out first for themselves. I’ve done this and have found that some do work. It is so easy for someone to find something on the internet that says they don’t work and then provide a link to it and tell me I’m wasting my money. What first got me into this was I was trying to find a way to cure my psoraisis which I had been suffering from for the past 10 years and this led me into subliminal tapes and one of them worked. I must admit though some of the claims made by Hypnovision does seem ludicrous so I may well be wasting my money - I’ll let you know of the outcome.

Tell you what. Send me $100.00 and I might send you $1,000,000.00 back. Before anyone dismisses my offer, just remember that the potential reward far outweighs the cost.

You mean like those magic amulets? I want one of those. That cheap plastic amulet I got from Rodney just doesn’t seem to do anything.

Personally, I don’t see why everyone is so riled up about <b>janeaustral</b> spending money on wasteful things. Every one of us does this from time to time. And it also contributes to the economy to buy frivolous things.

Oy Vey! That was supposed to be janeaustral.