hypoallergenic makeup

Next week some of my friends and I are having a “contrary-wise” day, wherein we’re going to dress the opposite of how we usually dress. Not drag- I’m going to be wearing a skirt, hair done up, ect., which isn’t my normal garb. Basically, we want to make the people who know us blink a few times. :wink:

Part of the effect for me will be wearing makeup (which, outside of stage makeup, I’ve worn 3 times in my life.) Thing is, I’m really allergic to a lot of scents/dyes ect., so I’m definately going to wear hypo stuff. However, I don’t know the first thing about makeup.

So… any recommendations for a hypoallergenic brand?

I’d say go for Almay or Prescriptives–you should find them at your local drugstore. They are reasonable (there are more expensive brands that I prefer, but considering you don’t normally wear makeup…) so you should be able to afford it on a student budget. Always check the label, though, before purchasing.

Java Mavem//why the hell would you say that?

you trying to give her a deadly allegic reaction? That combination of peroxides and pesticidese will kill the average human male…and yes it has been proven. Don’t make pull out the morgue shots, so she is a little pale…you send her prison for 2 weeks, her complexion will clear right up…might have a complex as a side-effect, nothing she can’t get used to.

Wanted Man, as much as I appreciate the concern :rolleyes: I’m not going to fall over and die from makeup. And I’m not as pale as, say, concrete.

Thanks, JavaMaven.

:::sirens, bells, and flashing lights go off:::

And we have a winner!

(boy, he showed up again in record time)

I would recommend something like Clinique, but unless you are planning on wearing makeup enough to make it worth the price, it will be a waste of money. Like JavaMaven1 said, I believe that Almay is supposed to be hypo-allergenic. I’m not familiar with Perscriptives.

Well, just look at the brands at the store. Some of them will be advertised “for sensitive skin”, and “hypo-allergenic”. If you are wearing contact lenses, it’s a good idea to buy a mascara that is good for that (should say on the package), and remember that “non-comedogenic” means that it doesn’t clog your pores.

I guess staying up until 4:30 can be neat sometimes… I think I was the first one to redflag concrete. :smiley:

I love my theater background. I can make someone look like they’ve been beaten with a shovel or like an 80 year old, but I don’t think I could apply eyeliner to save my life.

Thanks, Lola, I have been wondering what this means off & on for a while now. My best guess was that it didn’t make you look like a clown!

My favorite part about wearing makeup is removing it :D.

I don’t know if the brands mentioned carry their own special makeup remover or not. If they don’t, Phisoderm is good at removing the makeup without drying your skin up.

I can’t even leave the hypoallergenic makeup on for very long–it makes my face itchy.

Hmmm…isn’t there also special brands, like Freeman or something? Or naturels?
Also-try the Body Shop.
MAKE SURE it is fragrance free.

I don’t think you can buy Prescriptives at a drugstore - it is made by Estée Lauder and is only sold, I’m pretty sure, in upscale department stores or specialty make-up stores like Sephora. And it’s quite expensive - the most expensive of any Estée Lauder line. It’s very nice but not worth buying for a one-time use.

Almay is available at drugstores, though, and is not expensive, and my sensitive skin has been okay with it. Or try The Body Shop; a bit more expensive but also good for sensitive skin.

The body shop isn’t hypoallergenic.
Almay is though, and it’s cheaper.