Before I say anything else, I will note that I sent an email regarding this to my doctor, and should get a response from her in 16 hrs from the time she sees the note, which could be “one business day” from the time she sees it. Unless they consider it urgent, which they probably won’t.

My question is, has anyone who has been watching the news more closely that I have, heard anything about low blood sugar being connected to Covid-19?

I have chronic LBS, and have to be careful about what I eat. I can usually keep my blood sugar around 90, although it does occasionally go own to 70.

Lately, it has been staying around 75, and often dropping to 55. I’m supposed to call 911 if it goes to 30.

After I have been exercising hard, it will occasionally drop to 50, but if I drink water, and rest about 5 minutes, it comes back up. Drinking diluted or low-sugar Gatorade helps it come up faster.

But these lows are coming out of no where. The only thing that thing that seems to resolve them, if anything does, is a little water or skim milk, and a slow walk.

I don’t have a protocol for “under 30” because that has never happened except under testing situations.

But they are getting lower and lower, and I’m now setting an alarm at night to check them.

Anyone heard if this is a symptom of Covid-19? in people who already have hypoglycemia?

Have you tried eating frequent, high protein snacks?

You should get a glucose rescue kit. Get some glucose tablets as well.
Tell the people around you you’re experiencing low blood glucose episodes.
If you go to 30/35 most likely you’ll be unconscious. You need someone to know what to do.
Low blood glucose will/can kill you dead.

Be careful.

I have type 2 diabetes and haven’t seen low blood sugar named as a sign for COVID-19. My FBS has gone down since I switched to working at home at the beginning of March, FWIW.

I have been walking and talking with a blood sugar of 25-- as a result of a glucose tolerance test, but I have a very high tolerance for low blood sugar, if that makes sense.

The problem with what I have-- reactive hypoglycemia-- is that a high dose of sugar can actually cause my blood sugar to go down, because I over-produce insulin, so the sort of rescue sugar that works for diabetics doesn’t work for me.

I don’t eat sugar, and I eat regularly, and normally, everything is fine. Stress can throw my levels off, and that’s probably what is happening now.

Just wondering if anyone with an ear to the ground has heard anything.

I’ve not heard anything about COVID in relation to blood glucose. Except the underlying cause could make you less able to fight it.

Good luck

Sickness like COVID-19 tends to make blood glucose levels rise. That’s a problem for diabetics

I know nothing about reactive hypoglycemia. I haven’t seen anything about COVID-19 causing an odd reverse action in normal people.