Hypothetical 9/11 time travel question.

Just for the fun of it suppose somehow you were transported back to 8/1/2001.
You’re the same age as you were back then, and living where you were back then, however you know everthing you know now.

Knowing that the 9/11 events are going to occur in about 40 days is there anything you could do to prevent it? No one is going to believe you and it may even backfire to people thinking you were involved.
Would you attempt anything? Maybe call in an anonymous bomb threat to the towers the morning of 9/11? Send anonymous warning letters to all the media outlets?

The anonymous bomb threat might work but that would not prevent the destruction itself.

Identifying all of the hijackers prior to their boarding the planes might work better.
I can imagine a way of sending an anonymous tip to the spooks that might well cause the plan to be defeated.
If the NSA had a list of the hijackers and the flights that were going to be hijacked, I am pretty sure that those planes would have reached their scheduled destinations.

Doing something to stop the 19 hijackers would only result in a different set of 19 hijackers.

Let the destruction happen but try to get everyone out as opposed to being sent back in.

Bomb threat to the airports? And/or call the FBI specifying flight numbers, names, and telling them the bad guys are carrying box cutters?

I dont think there’s much you could do, besides disrupting airports getting yourself arrested.

I had repeating dreams of airplanes crashing into buildings for a couple of months before 9/11. I had around a dozen of these dreams. The buildings where always non-descript but the planes were large. I stopped having them right after 911. May not have anything to do with 9/11 of course but certainly strange.

The only other time I had repeating dreams was about a black bear chasing me through the woods, chasing me up a tree the bear knocking the tree down then I wake up in a sweat. I findly figured out what this dream meant.

Is this a “suddenly get sucked back in time with no preparation” situation? Because other than Flight 93, I can’t remember the other flight numbers (or where they even came from) without looking them up.

:rolleyes: Care to enlighten us?

A bear chased him up a tree?

We did this once not long after 9/11 and I’m pretty sure the general consensus then was that there isn’t much you can do to STOP it but that people would make effort to minimize the damage, which has already been suggested.

It’s an interesting thought exercise.

Buy “put” options on AA and UAL stock?

Since it’s my hypothetical i’d say ‘no preperation’. And same as you I would be hard pressed to come up with flight numbers, departure cities (Boston?), and terrorist names.

Before time travelling, I would write down all the numbers for many lotteries.
Upon winning all that cash, I would buy up all the plane tickets for those flights and the terrorists would have no way to get on the plane.

Of course I would make sure I still have $250 million left for my account.

Weren’t there rumors to the effect that some shadowy institutional investors did exactly that? (Immediately before 9/11, that is.)

Personally, I’d be tempted to grow a beard and get a deep suntan, and then hang around Manhattan all day on Sept. 10. I’d pretend to be in distress somehow, and then whenever someone helped me (pick up my dropped groceries, whatever), I’d mutter in a bit of an unidentifiable accent, “Thank my friend. I’d like to return the favor . . .” (looking around shiftily, and lowering my voice to a hiss) “Stay away from the World Trade Center tomorrow morning!” And then scurry off.

You know, just to mess with people’s minds.