Hypothetical: being interviewed on TV

Imagine that you are a celebrity of some sort, and you have been invited onto one of the popular late-night shows hosted by the likes of Jay Leno, Stephen Colbert, etc.

Once the preliminaries have been exchanged, the host addresses you thusly:

"We have here in a hat 10 slips of paper, each with a question on it. All of these questions are of a personal nature; 5 are innocuous, such as your favorite color; 5 are very personal, and delve into areas that some people might not like to answer; and a couple of those are extremely personal and intimate.

“You have two choices. Either you get to read all 10, and answer any 7 of your choosing; or else we pick 3 at random that you MUST answer, regardless of how personal or embarrassing they might be.”

Which do you choose?

[li]Fighting the hypothetical: I laugh and choose not to abide by the rules, gently refusing to answer anything that I think is too personal.[/li][li]Not fighting the hypothetical: definitely read all 10 first—at least then I can avoid the worst ones and craft my answers appropriately for the remainder, and probably still laughing off anything I truly didn’t want to answer.[/li][/ul]

Not read out loud, right? Then I read all 10 and pick 7.

Go ahead an pick 3, Jay/Steven/Whomever, I’m just gonna lie anyway!

None of the above.

I get up and leave with no comment. And I hope this is a live show, so they’ll have to figure out how to cover the rest of the 10 minutes they slotted.

No one ambushes me. NO ONE.