Hypothetical Gay Marriage/Adoption Question

Hypothetical Scenerio: Gay marriages were legalized in the US today, and 50 years from now they were shown to be less likely to end in divorce. This provides a more stable environment than heterosexual marriages because homosexual marriages are less likely to end in divorce. Homosexual adoptees are now given preference when adopting children because they can provide the most stable environment. What do you think would happen?

The only conclusion that can be drawn from your scenario is that a lot of kids will have gay parents.


Well, that’s the situation for gay parents right now, under ideal circumstances.

What I’d like to see is prospective adoptive parents being evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Everyone having to go through the same stringent application process, the same home studies, the same evaluations.

You see, what we’re fighting for is equality. If we end up in a position of superiority, we’ve lost.

Out of curiosity, do have any reason to think this would happen? Why would they be any more stable than hetero marriages? In fact, since children can’t arise spontaneously (thus giving an excuse to prolong teh marriage, I’d think that gay marriage may be less stable.

As for your question, an ideal household of two parents is an arbitrary social contruct. As is an ideal of a heterosexual couple doing the parenting. I have no idea if the social pressure behind one is stronger than the other.

Interesting assertion, but not necessarily true.

  1. Lesbian relationships have been shown to be more stable and healthier than heterosexual and gay male relationships overall. Regardless of children and such.

  2. While we can bicker back and forth about the stability of gay male relationships and heterosexual ones, the simple fact is that gay men and women feel much less pressure from society to marry. Thus, those who are getting married really really want to. Either it has great symbolic value to them, or they desperately need the rights granted by the state to married couples. There’s no stigma in the gay community towards “shacking up” like there is among heterosexuals. Thus you may find that gay male marriages are much more stable because they’ve probably been tested over more time.

We’d have a new eternal source of power as Strom Thurman would never stop spinning in his grave.

I’m not disagreeing with your assertion, but this sort of thing begs for a cite. What studies have shown this?

Yes you’re right. It does. Lemme dig, although it may take me til tommorow.

Ok I found out where I read it, but unfortunately I can’t dredge a cite because I no longer have the book (checked it out of a library). I pulled the info (IIRC) from Together Forever: Gay and Lesbian Marriage by Eric Marcus.

I have seen that study too, for whatever it’s worth. At least, I saw a study that evaluated the stability of male/male, male/female and female/female relationships. The results showed that male/male was the least stable and that female/female were the most stable. It sort of came to the conclusion that men are just more likely to be unfaithful than women. It’s not a gay thing, it’s a guy thing.

Maybe I wasn’t too clear. I understand that the kids would be fine, but what about society? How would they react knowing that homosexuals are given preference to them (heterosexuals) assuming that everything else is equal (family income, etc.?

No, not really. I was just kind of wondering how people thought society would act.

I honestly think a lot of people would be outraged. Kinda like the person who cracks jokes on everybody, but when the tables are turned gets highly offended.

There have always been “outraged” people, and there always will be. The problem is when these people think they have the right to interfere with other people’s lives. If the kids are in a good environment, that’s the only thing that matters, and any “outraged” people will just have to get used to it.

No, not really. I was just kind of wondering how people thought society would act.

A society that would allow it to begin with and continue for 50 or so years would be too far gone morally to even think long enough about the situation to get all pissed off over it.

Eek. Thought this was the IMHO forum.

A society which would allow gay adoption is “Morally gone?”

Please explain this comment. Why is gay adoption “immoral?” Why is society “immoral” to allow it?



Well, sir, it wasn’t.

And since you did post it in Great Debates, you had better defend your assertion here, because I guarantee unless you had some remarkably good reason for saying that, you can expect to be defending it in the Pit very shortly if you don’t.

(That’s not a threat; it’s a prophecy! :))