Hypothetical Medical Situation.

A few days before a recent trip to the ER with some other symptoms, I discovered I have head lice and began treatment the very same day. ALL of it. EVERY step. But even so, I still found a few on the day of the ER trip.

Sooo (no longer hypothetical - can you tell?) when I signed in, on the sheet in big letters I wrote: I HAVE HEAD LICE!!!. Okay - now pretend you’re the doc and/or the nurse: what would YOU do in that situation?

About 10 years ago, we medical staff would have immediately put on head caps, gloves and/or gowns before laying a hand on me.

These kids didn’t do that, though, despite my repeated attempts to get them to do so.

What would you have done, had you been an ER nurse and/or doctor?

What have I missed? What’s changed in the last 10 years to make them react that way (or not react) to what I was telling them?

Still working on the lice, to answer your unasked question.



Head lice can’t jump. You pretty much have to nuzzle someone with your head (or share a hat) in order to transfer them. There’s no real need for caps, gowns etc.