Hysteria has made me Helpless

In a serious, weary, end-of-working-week mood I sat down at the computer to have a peek at the Dope… and come across this post.
Thanks, Anastasaeon, for the unintended hilarity of your post! You sent me into a fit of the kind of giggles that just don’t stop, and leave you with streaming eyes, a sore stomach, and a concerned-looking dog (he was in the room with me when I starting making all the funny noises)… your subsequent apologies just made it even funnier.
A classic 3-Grinner :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oh god. Tears of helpless laughter here. That’s fantastic.

Since this thread isn’t quite too ancient (not even a month old yet), and I just found it through a shameless vanity search, I’ll pop in to acknowledge it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my husband needs a flea bath.

Not one wearing a cheerleading outfit, I take it?

Missed all of this the first time arouind. I’ve been laughint so hard my tummy-muscles hurt.

Anastaseon, did you by any chance show your husband the OP?

He’d look better in a little top hat with a monocle, actually.

It’s the doleful, “here we go again” expression on the cheerleader’s face that really makes it…