Hysterical strength and similar phenomena

We’ve all heard anecdotes about people lifting cars under stressful conditions: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hysterical_strength

If we understood the phenomenon enough to trigger it at will, what kind of maximum limits or multiplication factors could we expect when it comes to strength, stamina, speed, acceleration, reflexes, pain tolerance and other similar traits?

Joints are relatively fragile, and your body protects them by letting you think you’re using maximum strength long before you actually are. You can train yourself to use more strength, or you will do so automatically in life-and-death situations. But don’t be surprised if you end up inflicting a good amount of damage to your body.

Just look at trained athletes. They have more stamina, more strength and can get closer to their limits and do all of this consistently.

I’d say the death of British cyclist Tom Simpson in 1967 falls into this category:

(bolding mine)

Death of Tom Simpson (Wikipedia)

In this case, the “hysterical strength” was artificially induced.

I don’t doubt your overall point but I find the term “alcoholic stimulants” to be a non sequitur.

And, in consequence, develop chronic joint injuries earlier and more severely than non-athletes.