Hysterically funny road "rage"

This was so funny (and mundane) that I wanted to share it with you guys. Last week I was on a business trip with coworkers and we were all piled into an SUV looking for somewhere to have dinner. We were creeping around a shopping center rather later in the evening that normal dinner hours, so the parking lot was very quiet, only a few parked cars at the few shops still open. As I mentioned, we were creeping along at like 2mph, reading the store signs. Suddenly a parked truck’s backup lights came on and he backed out of his space about a foot, about to hit us when he slammed on the brakes. And then jumped out of his truck and screamed


Dunno what his major malfunction was, but we all died laughing. We couldn’t have gone more slowly than what we were.

Hee hee! I guess stopping right behind his vehicle wouldn’t have helped his apoplexy.

Wonder if he’s related to the woman that went all verklempt when I parked next to her car at the hospital. I was not aware to me that she was sitting in her car as I was parking, and just as I’d turned off the engine, I hear yelling “Excuse me! You’re going to hit me so you can’t park there! Hey! You’re going to hit me!” Keep in mind, I had already parked and the engine was off. :confused:

Just to shut her up, I started the engine, backed out and found another spot.

I once rear ended a guy who pulled right out in front of me and cut me off. We got out, and he told me he pulled out because I was going way too fast.

I guess that’s one way to slow me down. And I still don’t understand the logic…

Probably smart - there are some crazy people in the world and I don’t want to engage with them. I remember pulling into a rest stop one night - it was late, like 3 am. There was about a million spots empty and maybe ten cars in the lot. I pulled into a spot, and as I got out of my car, a man jumped out of his pickup truck and started yelling at me that I had taken his spot.

Now, maybe I had possibly taken his spot, I don’t know. It was late, and I was tired. But I am not kidding when I say there was a sea of empty spots! I don’t know what he was going on about. But it was late, and dark, and it was just in the parking lot, so I apologized and was as nice as I could be - I just wanted to get away from the crazy.