I Am A "Centrist"

At least according to a quiz I took here (www.islandone.org/) when I did a search on space colonization.

Apparently, the site would like for you to be a libertarian (or at least a “live and let live” kind of person) in order to better understand their espousal of the colonization of space, and this quiz is supposed to help you determine where you stand.

I had originally wanted to post a question asking y’all if you had the opportunity to colonize a new planet if you’d go, and I landed on Island One. I guess they just wanna live in a space station, but I don’t think I would like the limitation that suggests.

So anywayyyyyy, if you had the opportunity and you had to say yes right now, today, within the next minute, would you go?

I would.


I would go, and on the quiz, I was scored as “libertarian,” about where the 11 o’clock mark would go.