I am a four eyed uber-geek!

That’s right, I just got glasses. Boy does the world look different.
My entire life I’ve been 20/20. Then, one day I went to get my license renewed and they asked me to do the eye test. I remember it from last time and it’s fairly simple. Just read a few letters and you’re done. Stuck my head into the machine and…um…
I can’t see anything! It’s all blurry! I think I may be able to see the ones up near the top, but they could be arabic for all I know. Cripes, something is definitely wrong here.
I barely pass with a 20/40 after several attempts. This is the first I’d even realized my eyes weren’t up to par.

So I went last week to get my eyes tested. Just a touch off kilter. I’m 20/40 and I so I got glasses for driving and seeing the chalkboard. Holy crap do they make a difference. It’s weird actually. Street signs look greener! I didn’t even know that it was possible that bad eyesight changes the COLOR.

Anyway they’re a very nice near circle shape with brass colored frames. One of my friends said I even look smarter in them. What do you dopers think about guys and glasses?

Sexy, I love men in glasses. I love you more now Ender!

I often wish I had bad vision, because I think I’d look rather good in John Lennon glasses…

Yup, bad eyesight changes colors…remember, it’s not just the edges of the object going out of focus, you can’t focus on the middles, too. With my glasses off, everything beyond about 6’ is a blur of dark and light spots. Between 6’ and 6", it’s colored blurs. Closer than 6" I can see it just fine. (I’m not an eye doc or anything, but since I’m worse than 20/400, I’m probably a bit of an authority on what bad vision feels like)

And yup, I love guys in glasses. Geekish men make me drool. I’ll rub your feet while you use some polysyllabic terms.


Awesome! Anyone who uses the word “uber” is an awesome dude.

I wear glasses, too, Enderman. I have for the last eleven years, though. These ones are the cool black kind. I think the guy on “Dark Angel” wears the same brand. DKNY, doncha know? :wink: I’m sure you’re tres sexy. Want to post some pics of yourself?

Six feet! Wow-I really wish I could see six feet without my glasses. Things become a blur between 1.5’ to 2’ for me. When I first got glasses, in 9th grade, I vaguely remember them saying something about 20/2200, but that could be an incorrect memory.
Oh, and Ender? Übergeeks in glasses are very sexy.

I comprehend the proposition to be exceptionally invigorating. I would impore, nay beseech, you, nevertheless, to pursue the medicinal services of an otorhinolaryngologist to rectify your salivation predicament.

Oh, and I wanted to get some real thick rimmed Buddy Holly glasses, but then I decided that, once the novelty wore off I would just look uber uber geeky rather than my desired uber geekiness.

Men in glasses are soooooo dreamy. Catch me while I swoon. Even Buddy Holly glasses. Especially Buddy Holly glasses … mmmmmmmmmm.

Hah, I’m just about in the reverse situation from Ender. I’ve worn glasses since the first grade, but soon I’m going in for laser eye surgery. I look forward to being able to wake up and see my ceiling. Right now, my I can’t focus on anything more than four inches past the tip of my nose.

Where were you girls when *I was at school?

Lsura, to the OP:

Wow–I really wish I could see that far without my glasses! With plain unassisted eyeballs, I can focus on objects lying between…4 and 4.5 inches. Farther away than that, blur city.

I can generally make out mountains and fairly large trees by color and approximate shape, though.

Yeah, it’s true about the colors. I discovered I needed glasses when I was in the middle of completing my BFA in painting. Without realizing it, I started using the most intense colors in all my paintings. It was sufficiently distracting that I switched to doing solely B&W paintings until I got a handle on it.
But the weird part is, when I take off my glasses and walk around, I feel like I’m 8 feet tall and walking 2 feet off the ground. So I just leave them on all the time, even though I supposedly need them only for reading (I even passed the eye exam on my drivers license test without glasses).

I was looking for the conversion from diopters to 20/xxx when I came across this website called What does 20/20 mean?. Thought it might be useful here.

But be careful, it states that 20/200 vision indicates “legal blindness”. This is for vision which cannot be corrected to at least this level. I have about 20/700 vision, including my astigmatism, but it is correctable to 20/40 with contact lenses, 20/20 with glasses.

I still didn’t find the formula though, if anyone out there knows it offhand?

the formula is…you can see at 20 feet what a person with perfect vision can see at X feet = 20/X

so, 20/400 vision is…you have to be 20 feet away from something to see it as well as a person with perfect vision can from 400 feet away.

I don’t see WELL up to six feet…I can see about that far at all-- it’s color and shape land. I see well up to about six inches. Anything over six feet is a colorless blur. I can’t tell a dog from a Greyhound bus, except that one barks and they smell different. I can tell when my vision starts getting worse than my glasses, because the color balance on my quilting changes (lots more yellows and bright greens, less purples and dark reds).

I always like dating guys with glasses, because when things get serious, they understand why I leave my glasses on in bed*.

*because I can’t find anything, no matter how big it is, until I run into it. Fun for some things, not for elbows.

<<I still didn’t find the formula though, if anyone out there knows it offhand?>>

Err…now that I re-read the post, I see you wanted the conversion from diopters to 20/x.

Insert cheap joke re: “What are you, blind?” here.

Given the information in the article, here’s what I figured out.

Diopters are reciprocals. Someone with perfect vision has a diopter of 0, and can see things at 20 feet without correction.

Someone with a diopter of 5.00 can only see things at a fifth of a meter, which is 7.8 inches. That’s about 1/30 of the distance, making them roughly 20/600.

(1m / diopter) divided by 2.54 = diopter measurement in inches.
240 inches (# in 20 feet) divided by diopter measurement in inches = ratio between abnormal vision and normal vision.
Ratio x 20 = second number in the 20/x system.

There. Someone please point out any negatives I’ve dropped.


I have used eyeglasses or contacts since I was about 12.

The reason for some colors appearing brighter than others is their different wavelength and refraction.

The 20/20 system used in the US is almost meaningless and not used anywhare else that I am aware of. It is not directly convertible to diopters which are an objective, measurable, quantity.

Diopters are the only thing on your prescription for eyeglasses. The 20/40 thing is just a way of giving you a relative figure.

diopters measure only the refractive correction needed while the 20/20 also measures the overall performance of the eye. Two different things.

I wore only one contact for several years because my left eye decided to get really bad while my right…well, didn’t. But in the past couple of years my right eye is finally giving in and I now wear two. I feel a lot better that way, more balanced. It’s a weird feeling having only one contact in. I’m not sure exactly what 20/? I am, but I wear a -3.50 in my left and a -.75 in my right.

Without contacts, I can function okay, but I have no depth perception. I can even drive, but I have to be really careful because things just don’t look right. I wish I could wear glasses, but I’m told it would take me a week to get used to it, and I’d only want them as backup, so that’d be pretty useless.

I figure I got my left eye from my mom and my right from my dad. :slight_smile:

Well, my left eye is -5.00 and my right eye is -5.50, and I can definately see the difference in my eyes when I don’t have my glasses on or my contacts in. Of course, my math skills being what they are, I got freaky numbers when I tried to work through the formula there. So, all I can do is shrug and admit that I don’t see well.

For a general idea, I took my lottery ticket, slipped my glasses up on top of my head, and slowly moved it towards my face until I could read the large “Lotto Georgia” at the top. The distance at that point was one of my hands-wrist to fingertip-plus about half an inch. I’m not measuring my had to figure out how far that actually is. Ok, I probably will, just out of curiosity. But I’m not posting it, I swear.

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Well, I was there in glasses too and went unnoticed as well. I dated, and still date older guys who never notice glasses, or hair, or makeup.

Glasses can be very sexy. I know some people who just don’t look right without them.