I am a Goon Show fan

Please tell me I am not the last surviving one in the US.

Spike Milligan
Peter Sellers
Harry Seacombe
and sometimes Michael Bentine

Radio comedy genius.

I have heard a (probably apocryphal) story that a BBC exec wanted the Goon show cancelled, but he misread the title and ordered the Go On show off the radio. When no one could figure out what the Go On show was, the Goon show continued uninterrupted for many years to come.

“We used to work long hours. Seventy minutes each.”

Goddam I love that joke. Not the best from the show, but certainly a representative samplin’.

Ing Tong Tiddle-I-Po!

I can’t believe this thread died a lonely death! Undoubtedly the funniest radio show ever!

Yes, there’s at least one more fan!! (I was away for a while. I’m back!)

“Help, save me!”

“Quick, jump in this bale of tobacco!”

“Saved in the nicotine!”

Enter Bluebottle, stage left. Waits for applause. As usual, not a sausage. Neheeeh!

Ullo, Bottle!

Hello, Eccles… Eccles, don’t do that. It’s not nice…


Well, I’m walking backwards for Christmas, across the Irish Sea.


Bluebottle and Eccles waiting to ambush a sentry…

Bluebottle: Eccles?

Eccles: Yup?

Bluebottle: Have you got your sock of spaghetti ready?

Eccles: Yup, I’m keeping it warm.

Bluebottle: How are you doing that Eccles?

Eccles: I’m wearing it…

Hold it up to the light… not a brain in sight.

Interesting Goon Show fact no. 243.

Most Goon Shows are much more crazy with a lot of deviation from the script during the second half. Why? Peter Sellers would bring a bottle of brandy along to the recording sesion (live) and it would be drunk at the interval.

Eccles: What time is it?
Bluebottle: 8:15
e: How do you know?
b: Because I have a piece of paper with the time written on it.

…I couldn’t help but discover the Goons eventually. If it weren’t for the internet, I’d never have heard of them. I can’t say that I’m a fan, but I could become one… if I could train my ear to cut through the thick affected accents and poor recording equipment. I’ve read some scripts, and they’re often very funny, but when I listen to the actual recordings, it’s like listening to German radio. “Ooh, there’s a word I recognize… uh, I think he said something about a doorbell…” They should transfer Goon Show episodes to video and put subtitles on the screen, like they do when they interview Liam Gallagher…

There’s a fella from Australia, on Napster, who has tons of Goon Show audio files. His user name is dialing. He often hangs out on the server hifi.napster.com or the server johnmerricks.squidcafe.com (get Napigator at http://www.napigator.com to choose the server).

(He isn’t on as I type this, but at least it’s a heads up for anyone who’s interested.)

Where do you start! :slight_smile:

In the episode “The Sleeping Prince” (whose only contribution is to be heard snoring in the first and last couple of seconds)the Max Geldray ensemble plays the National Anthem of Nuckabuckoo, unquestionably the worst anthem ever performed.

Harry Secombe (Neddy Seagoon - President of Nuckabuckoo)
"What a beautiful tune, has anybody put it to music?

Peter Sellers (can’t recall the character)
“Nobody has had the courage”

Oh well, you had to be listening at the time! LOL

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, the mind truely boggles.

The Goon Show TV series wasn’t much cop; black and white animation that seemed more aimed towards kiddie audiences.

Is this the source of “We’re doomed, I tell ya–doomed?”


Yes, the voices echo in my head with that quote. However it should be ‘you’, not ‘ya’! (The character - who I remember as Major Bloodnok - was a well-spoken Army Officer).


There’s a 1972 (12 years after the radio show ended) record called ‘The Last Goon Show of all’. Published by the BBC. I think REB 142S is the reference number.

From the fertile brain of Mr. Spike Milligna, the well-known typing error:

(high pitched voice) ‘Henry! Henry!’

(elderly, distinguished voice) ‘What is it, my love?’

‘There’s something engraved on the piano!’

‘What does it say?’


‘They don’t write numbers like that anymore!’

Although the Goon Show eventually died when its audience moved on, it can be argued that Monty Python picked up the reins, albeit a decade or so later.

Where the Goons failed to make the transition to TV, Monty Python ensured that the same brand of humour would reach a wider audience in a visual form. However, the Goons pioneered the art form, by cultivating an audience ready to unhinge its brain for a while. Monty Python were able to take advantage of that, and also the more enlightened times of the early seventies. I doubt very much whether the Goons would have got away with anything similar to Life of Brian, or even the Nudge Nudge sketch.

Each group has achieved a body of work that retains its freshness, primarily because they each steered away from topical and political issues of the day. Hence you don’t need to have a knowledge of the political landscape of that time to get the jokes.

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