I am a mutant!

My sister, when pregnant, discovered she was a mutant. Her mutant power? Throwing clots! (She found out she has a prothrombin mutation.)

I think you have to wear a spandex catsuit to manifest your powers.

I always seem to find my lost ribs somewhere in my backpack…

Welcome to the “Who the Eff Knew That Was Wrong with Me?” Club.

About four years ago, I had to have numerous brain and spinal MRIs [1]. The radiologist noticed that I was missing a substantial amount of brain tissue. Much to my surprise, it seems that I’m brain damaged. When told of this, my sister said that she could have told me the same thing without the expense.

[1] Long story short - If your legs keep going numb, try not crossing your legs at your desk for six hours at a time.

Ohh! I have the perfect guy for you! My son was born with an **extra **rib! 13 on the left, 12 on the right. Screwed his back up somethin’ fierce.

Of course, he’s only 12, so you’ll have to wait for him awhile…

(Seriously, he had a 59 degree curve and needed spinal fusion surgery to correct it. That included removal of the extra rib, which they used for bone grafts to even out the spine.)

G20210A, I presume?

Ooohhh, can I join?

I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which means a mutation on either COL5A1 or COL5A2, most likely.

Fortunately, my form of it is really mild. But still, I do have mutant powers such as bending my thumbs backwards, overextending all my joints and sublexing a lot of them to boot. I can move my hands in a way that you can actually hear the joints popping in and out. I can sublex one of my shoulders loudly enough a whole room full of people can hear it. I can feel my metatarsals sublex when I walk on most days. I’ve never really needed to gross anyone out to the point of throwing up, but I could…

There’s a bad X-Men Joke in here somewhere, I can feel it.

I’ve never met Kyla. So if I were to pass her on the street, I wouldn’t know her from Adam…

I did. It was delicious.

:eek: I, too am a mutant!!
My doctor says my intestines cast strange shadows on x-rays. :confused:
God knows what fantastic super human powers will manifest!? :smiley:



The mystery is solved! WhyNot’s son stole Kyla’s rib! You make him give that back, right now!

And/or Factor V Leiden. There were some complicated distinctions, and I can’t recall if she had just one of them, or both.

Interesting. Those are the two highest volume tests we do in our lab, so there’s a non-zero chance I tested her.

My daughter has scoliosis, and in her x-rays, very plainly visible are 2 (TWO) extra ribs, one on each side…they’re just little rib ‘vestiges’, but they are there, and about an inch long…