Describe YOUR mutation!

(Warning: some of what you are about to hear may be disgusting. :))

I possess the mutant ability of Acid Sweat.

It’s true. My sweat is so acidic it eats things. I cannot wear shirts without some form of undershirt, lest the outer shirt be destroyed – since they’re usually the less expensive of the two, I buy reams of cheap t-shirts every few months, and my household never has a problem with not having rags…

On the same vein, I doubt I have a pair of underwear more than a year old, if that. Heh.

Jewelry? Let us not fucking joke! The only two metals I’ve found that I can wear without my skin eating them are titanium and stainless steel. Platinum may work, I’ve never tried it, but if it’s similar to gold then it’s not strong enough.

My eyeglasses need the frames – not the lenses, mind – replaced every six to eight months, because my temples eat the earpieces. sigh

My old laptop has a sorry-looking nub of bare plastic sticking up where the mouse thingy used to be. It had the ThinkPad style pointer, that little eraser-joystick gizmo, and my skin ate it. I actually felt it getting gooey the last few days before it finally disintegrated.

I have five watches, but only one watch band – and it’s been retired for a couple months anyway, because the “solid stainless-steel construction” turned out to be some sort of cheap electroplating or something, and said plating is bubbling off like a cheap car paint job.

My mouse has been bleached on top, in the shape of my hand. The color has been burnt out of the plastic, leaving dull-gray plastic in place of the formerly pristine black surface.

My desk, where my wrist usually rests, has a decidedly unhealthy appearance to the wood, and the veneer is starting to peel in just that one spot. Arrgh.

I have destroyed a steering wheel with my acid sweat, and these days I wear driving gloves to prevent this. I have to replace the gloves about every four to six months, depending on season and how sturdy they are. (As an aside, the best so far have been Hatch-brand police gloves – the nomex/kevlar mix seems to hold up surprisingly well!)

My ears destroy headphone foam pads in a matter of days.

I don’t dare touch collectibles, antiques, or other expensive things that are not my own. My mom has some silverware that I can remove tarnish from just by rubbing them between my fingers. Take THAT, Oxy-clean!

What are YOUR mutant powers? And can you use them for good? I’m rather depressed about what I got… :wink:

Wow! As much as a pain in the ass as that sounds, it’s pretty cool…if you’re ever in prison in Tijuana, your escape is pretty much assured!

I was going to say I have an extra crease on the palm side of my right pinkie finger, but that ain’t got nuthin’ on your mad skills! The best I can do with mine is be identified if I were decapitated or found otherwise unrecognizable at the morgue.

My mutation is Mighty Prehensile Toes. I can pick things up with them or inflict damage. A friend of mine didn’t believe me, until I clamped down hard on his shod foot.

Situs Inversus Totalis

A friend of my grandfather had that. I’ve seen one other, and infant that required heart surgery. The surgeon said it was like trying to do the operation in the mirror.

I have an extra cervical vertebra. Some day my head may fall off.

I used to have the beginnings of a tail but they done cut it off.

I am very glad that I don’t melt everything I touch, like the OP. Yech!

Wow. You could star in a movie. The Fantastic Five (you’re the new guy). Does it sting when you sweat into your eyes?

Are you sure your sweat is acid and not basic? Does your doctor have a name for your condition?

I was born with two pupils in one eye, which they fixed so now I just have one third-size, very light-sensitive one with no x-ray vision. :frowning:

Double WOW. Okay…how old were you when they fixed it? Are there photos of you with two pupils in one eye? How common is this mutation?

Sorry about the light sensitivity. :frowning:

I was born missing six molars and all of my wisdom teeth, like most of my mom’s family. Not exactly a super power-type mutation, and, if other threads on here are to be believed, a surprisingly common one at that, *but *I do have two really sharp molars on top that don’t have their matching pairs on the bottom, so I could really … gnaw … something…

I have the power of tripping over my own two feet!

No, seriously. I was born with a bad instep and a weak ankle, and if I’m not careful when I walk down the street I’ll stumble and go flying–for no reason.

I’m very useful as a superhero, I know. :wink:

I knew a girl whose brother was built this way.

Very young (I think it was weeks or months after I was born, or something like that; sadly not, though one fun result is that I now only get red-eye in photos from the normal one; and I honestly have no idea. It’s the kind of thing i’m sure doctors said at some point, but my main focus at the time was in dreading the annoying eye pressure machine and eye drops.

It’s generally a lot weaker anyway. I’m shortsighted in both eyes, but it’s considerably more blurry; imagine looking at something slightly out of focus, only without the headaches that gives you from doing it too long. And for the same reasons I have poor depth perception and it’s impossible for me to see magic eye pictures. But yeah, if it’s a bright day, i’m used to keeping it closed. I suppose thinking about it light sensitivity is getting on the way to x-ray vision without actually being useful. :stuck_out_tongue:

I started to grow a third buttock on my right cheek. I had it removed.

I can stand with one foot pointing forward, and the other pointing completely backwards. Not difficult, and kind of comfortable. I thus have the power to make people say, “Ewwww!” when they see me standing this way.

(The downside is that I toe out terribly when I walk.)

My fingers are a little bit crooked. Doc says when I was in the womb I had them crunched together, so the middle fingers on both sides push to the outside and the left one is actually turned and curved…

Also I absolutely cannot raise my ring finger on either hand, palm facing me, without raising my pinky. Not even an inch or two.

I have to ask… how is this “fixed?” Would you have been unable to focus that eye properly otherwise? Was it light sensitive to begin with? Was the surgery purely a cosmetic decision? Pardon my curiosity, but I think I’d be genuinely torn between the alternatives of clearer sight in one eye versus the total coolness of having a third pupil. But maybe that’s just me.

“Say, that’s a nice embroidered eyepatch you have there. By the way, how did you lose your eye?”

“Oh, I didn’t lose my eye… It just looks like-- THIS!!!”

I have a noticeable, very small indentation - like a groove in my skull, running just above my right ear, about 3 inches long.

No one’s skull is completely smooth, but this is very different from most. It’s not visible, but if you rub my head, you’ll feel it.

Depending on who you are, if you rub my head, I also do other tricks.