What bodily quirks/mutations/oddities do you have?

What bodily gifts (or curses!) did nature bequeath you? Or perhaps just some things which don’t affect you one way or another, but might still be a bit weird?

Me, my GP pointed out to me a couple of years ago that my left leg is c. 1/2 an inch shorter than my right. No idea why, but I did put in a lift in my left shoe, and it did seem to help with my (mild) back pains a bit…

I have a giant dimple on the outside of my right thigh. When I was little, my mother told me that it was from where the doctor slapped me when I was born, and I believed her.

I also have a defective nostril. One nostril looks normal, and the other one is only a small slit. When I pointed this out to my doctor and asked if it might be related to my allergy and sinus problems, he just started laughing.

I can touch the back of my hand with the fingers on that same hand.

I have a birthmark covering my right testicle. It showed up when I was a few months old. My mother took me to the doctor thinking something was wrong. He confirmed it was merely a birthmark and would not affect me. Some guys have blue balls, I have a purple one.

Each of my feet has a patch of rougher skin on it. I don’t mean like an ordinary callus, though. I’ve had those patches on my feet since I was little, and my mother took me to see a doctor about it, but we didn’t learn much. Oh well, it’s not harming anyone.

Also, if you look at my eyes close enough, my eyes are two colours. I mean each eye has two colours - brown and green.

That’s hazel. Fairly common.

I have a… thing on the back of my hand. It’s not a freckle, wart, beauty mark, birth mark or mole. It’s about 1/8" across. According to the people at Pantone, it’s puce. It’s been there since at least early childhood, and hasn’t moved, changed size, shape or color the entire time. It has some thickness to it, maybe standing out from the rest of the skin of my hand the thickness of a couple pieces of paper. I only have the one. Multiple doctors have looked at it and they have absolutely no idea what it is, since it’s none of the above.

I was born with the top of my right ear fused to the major ear (difficult to explain). It’s very subtle and I may be the only one who really notices - my left ear is a normal person ear.

I have an extra bone sticking our on my inner right ankle. It didn’t bother me for 44 years, but now it hurts and I’ll need surgery to remove the extra bone and install interior things together with pins and other scary hardware.

I can bend down to touch my knees, no way I can reach the toe area despite decades of sports and stretching.

Oh, the beauty of it all!

I can move both my little toes independently (that is, keeping my other toes still), both from side-to-side and backwards and forwards, and I can move the second smallest toe on my left foot a little seperately as well.

Heterochromia iridum - I have that, too. To look at my eyes, you’d think they were just brown, but looking up close, you can see that they’re actually green and brown. I’ve always just called my eye colour brown, but I guess it’s technically hazel. :slight_smile:

My weirdity - the joints in my two smallest toes on each foot are kind of fused. Some of them bend a little, and some don’t bend at all. It doesn’t seem to affect my walking at all, though.

My left nipple is invaginated.

Yeah, I usually give my eye colour as “brown” too.

There’s absolutely no visible part of me that’s symmetrical. It’s like I have left and right mosaics.

I’d love to see a photo of that.

My chest dips in the middle like a bowl.

Most people have one leg measurably shorter than the other. I am just the opposite; I have one leg longer than the other.

I don’t have upper sinuses. Apparently, they never developed. One lobe isn’t there at all, and there’s s teeny gap or space where the other should be.

This doesn’t prevent me from getting some wicked sinus infections, though.

I can pop my collar bone like people pope their fingers.

I have a couple of genuine genetic mutations, sort of a real life version of Wolverine’s mutant healing factor. My blood clots extremely easily and quickly. Unfortunately, in real life, the costs outweigh the benefits.

I have Saethre Chotzen Syndrome, which has caused many body quirks, all of which are listed in the linked article.