Describe YOUR mutation!

I have an almost supernatural threshhold for pain. I also have extaordinarily strong bones. It sucks.

I have hypermobility syndrome localized to both knees. I can bend them about 35 degrees backwards and pull off a remarkable flamingo look. I also have a really big head (my hat size is an eight, I believe).

By the time I was old enough to actually ask about it and understand an answer, my parents had forgotten exactly. Which is nice.

As far as I can tell it wasn’t just cosmetic; I would imagine my sight in that eye would have been similar to holding a thin band of paper across your pupil, i.e. i’d basically have a strip of black in the middle of my view. I imagine it probably didn’t help the whole muscle-contracting-in-light business too much, either (I think this is the reason for the light sensitivness still; the pupil is naturally smaller, but the muscles are somewhat fucked and so it doesn’t contract properly. WAG, though). I don’t rememeber whether it was light sensitive to begin with, but quite possibly. What they actually did appears to have been to basically cover up one hole with a “patch” pf iris. There’s a sort of darker blue/slight purpley patch that’s still noticeable if you look closely. My right eye (the normal one apart from shortsightedness) is my dominant one, luckily, though I suppose that’s something which could have changed because of the whole thing.

I did have to wear eyepatches, for a couple of hours each day as a kid, getting shorter up until I was about 12. Alas, it’s actually not all that noticeable unless I point it out, though it’s still possible to scare small children at weddings. :smiley:

Yep, I had that done. I always knew I was part cat; this just confirmed it for me. (My momcat had one too!)

The other weird thing about me is that my thumbs go congenitally out of joint. I can’t carry heavy weights with my hands for long. I got the x rays to prove it, too.

Oh, and I’ve got eye issues that put me in approximately 2% of the population.

Okay. I was born with an atrial sinus defect; and until I was about 12 years old or so I could drink a beverage and then squirt it from my tear ducts; and I’m mildly color-blind; and I have a small fingerlike structure on my lower back; and a mysterious ultra-thin, colorless hair growing from the side of my neck that I often forget about for weeks on end until it’s grown out to a length of several inches or more.

Also, I sweat a lot. But it’s just regular sweat.

My toes are weird. On both my feet, the two toes nearest the big toe are connected from where they come out from my foot to about a third of their length. My mom has this too, and so do a lot of her relatives. I can’t use toe separators when I polish my toenails. That’s not a huge problem, though, since I can also spread my toes far apart.

I’m messed up from the neck up.

Neck: Hypothyroidism

Head: Torus palatinus with maxillary prognathism (a significant overbite.) Also, my lower jaw has some troubles. When I yawn, I creek like a haunted house door!

I have a purple nut. Right after I was born my mother was changing my diaper and noticed my right testicle was purple. She took me to the doctor fearing the worst. He took one look at it and said it was a birthmark. As I have gotten older, I have noticed the color has faded a bit but the blood vessels have become more pronounced. My wife hates to look at it, she calls it a zombie ball.

I have an extra set of teeth. Well, tooth buds, to be precise.

I’m pigeon-toed. It was really pronounced when I was little and I walked like a freak, but it’s kind of self-corrected as I got older. Now it’s barely noticeable, if it’s noticeable at all. The only time anyone ever spots it is when I walk down stairs because I naturally turn my feet inward so they are almost perpendicular to my body. Easier to fit your whole foot on a step. I do that without thinking.

I work for a guy who’s skeleton weighs more than 200 pounds. He weighs about 450 pounds, and if he only weighed 350, he would die of malnourishment.

I’m just a regular guy, but a bit taller than most. I’m 6’4", but my shins are almost sharp enough to cut you. Yeah, that’s right. Sharp shins.

My right kidney has two ureters and is bigger then the left one. I think it wanted to be two, but changed it’s mind halfway through. :slight_smile: Originally one of the ureters was blocked by my renal artery which caused Cronic Hydronephrosis . I had surgery to rearrange things when I was 23.

I also have the acid sweat thing, not quite as pronounced as the OP but it does eat through chrome, leather and plastic. I don’t sweat too much so clothes aren’t a problem. It runs in my family.

What, is he 8 1/2 feet tall or something? Does he look obese? Or is he just really big boned? Please elaborate.

Hey, I have the acid sweat thing going on too! Earphone pads and everything!

I first realized it was a problem when a girlfriend gave me an expensive watch. It suddenly disappeared, and I realized that my sweat had eaten through the leather band. All my metal watches become badly corroded after only a few months. My laptop, only a year and half old, is already showing signs of corroding in the area where my trackpad hand rests.

I also have double-jointed thumbs, like this person, and can move my tongue in all the same ways as this person (but my clover tongue is much better).

But the piece de resistance* is that my shoulder blades can do the same thing that this guy’s do (bad language in video).

Yeah, I’m a complete freak.

  • French for “piece of resistance”

He looks overweight, but aside from a large gut and a double chin, he has almost no fat on him. His shoulders are so broad that he can’t fit through the door frame at work. I doubt you could pinch half an inch of fat on his arms, and his legs are as thick and tough as tree trunks.

Hes an inch or so shorter than me, so he’s around 6’3", and he’s built like the guys on the strongman competitions on television who play tug of war with fire engines. He honestly IS “big boned”. I wasn’t lying when I said his skeletal system weighs over 200 pounds. He’s a real life behemoth, but his gut takes some of the scary factor away, and replaces it with humor.

I wish I had a picture of him. We’re working tomorrow morning, so I’ll see if I can get a few to post. There’s an absolutely tiny guy at work tomorrow, too, so it would be great for comparison if they agree to it.

Edit: Forgot the quote tags. This message was in response to Doug.

I was born with an extra lumbar vertebra, which nobody noticed until my spurt of growth at 15 resulted in extreme pain. 'Course, I got to be taller than my older brother, which counted for something.

Later, when I went in for my draft physical, the orthopedic surgeon there (named Dr. Strange, interestly enough) held my xray up to the window, looked closer, and started counting, “one, two, three, four, five . . . six. OK, you’re outta here.”

Sofaspud - Wow, just wow.

ASAKMOTSD - Didn’t you do an “Ask the…” thread regarding that?

Winston - I have less than a week to come up with some ways to test your superpowers.

As for me, just born with a boring club foot. It was surgically corrected when I was six months old, but some of my leg muscles never matured right. As a result I have a right side calf and foot that are much smaller than my left ones. I need two different sized boots for skiing, and I think it’s the reason I never wear shorts.


Sofaspud, my father shared your mutation but to a lesser degree. Mom says it had the advantage of knowing what to give him as a present every two years: a new watch!