Describe YOUR mutation!

Wow! I’m so glad I’m not alone! :slight_smile:

YES. And it sucketh very much bad. Fortunately I don’t suffer from dry eyes, so my normal tears wash it away pretty quickly, and so far I haven’t had to replace my contacts. But MAN does it sting when the sweat hits the ol’ eyeball. And they get all bloodshot and everything, makes me look like I’m strung out on something. :smiley:

I’m pretty sure it’s an acid – it behaves like one, at any rate. If I find a way to post a picture of the inside of my latest watch band, will that work as evidence? :slight_smile: As for the doctor… um, I never thought to ask about it. Next time I’m in I’ll have to do that… (doh). Google turns up a bunch of hits, but they mostly seem to be dealing with staining of fabrics. Bah – I’m waaay beyond mere stains.

Dude! I’ll trade you in a heartbeat. I’m pretty good as-is at tolerating pain, but not so much on the bone strength. Lessee… three broken toes, both pinkie fingers permanently mangled (they healed crooked), both wrists (the left one twice), a greenstick break of my left forearm, and a shattered right elbow that took a crapload and a half of physical therapy to come back to normal function. According to the doc, my bones are perfectly normal… nice way of calling me accident-prone, I guess. You can have the acid sweat and I’ll take the unbreakable skeleton, okay?

scotandrsn, Hello Again: maybe we should get together sometime and see if we can bottle this stuff or something. It’s GOT to have a USEFUL application, right?

(Ewww… a sweat-bottling party. Methinks I should shoot myself for suggesting it!)

Wow is not the word I’d use, but hey.

I’m with you on the never wearing shorts thing, but for different reasons. For me, it’s twofold: one, I have pasty white legs that don’t go AT ALL with my otherwise dark Italian complexion, and two, my sweat already gives my jeans that acid-washed look after just a few cycles. I don’t want to have to replace furniture, heh.

(Stoopid acid sweat powers. Coulda got something cool, like no-pain-guy or bendy-leg-guy upthread, but noooo… :slight_smile: )

ETA: Nava, that’s why I have 5 watches. My wife apparently thinks the same way as your relative did. Heh.

I have one of these too, on my arm. The follicle appears to be under the skin, because the hair runs under the skin for about a 1/4" then either starts to impact, or if I cut the skin over it, it comes out and grows totally straight, seemingly endlessly. It’s totally unlike the other hair on my arms, which is fine and blond. Anyone know what the damn thing is?

I have deformed little toes. They’re about 1/2 the length they should be. I thought it was normal for many years, but it ain’t. I can make them wiggle independently of the rest of my toes though.

I think everyone has one “renegade hair”. Mine is on my arm too. My ex-gf used to have one just under her chin. We’d call it her beard and it was impossible not to play with it once it got long enough.

I found a renegade hair on my back once…I was wearing a backless dress and I was in the bathroom with the boyfriend and we both spotted it. He went to pluck it off, thinking it was one of my normal hairs, except that it was pale and formed a spring about an inch taller. He had to forcibly pluck it out. Hasn’t grown back though. So weird.

Mutations: Pressure points, especially on knees have no influence on me. People can squeeze and poke painful points on me and I won’t even flinch. And I can always find them on other people :D.

My windpipe is about 1/4" higher up my throat than it should be, so that I tend to choke on food relatively easily. I even choke on my own saliva sometimes. My mom says that when I was a baby, she could see the opening to my windpipe if I opened my mouth wide enough while crying. And, yeah, the hair-trigger gag reflex is real popular with guys. :rolleyes:

No - I have mentioned it a couple times on this board (moreso than any other place in my entire life). It is usually when people are talking about physical oddities.

After reading this thread, I guess I could add that I am also double jointed in all fingers except my right thumb and my feet point outward which gives me the additional oddity of being able to stand with them essentially pointed backwards. :eek:

I really feel like a mutant now…

Hmm. My body’s kind of boring. The best I’ve got is that my ears are different shapes - one’s pointy at the top and the other is round like a Nilla Waffer. Also, I can wiggle the pointy one but not the round one.

When my extra cervical vertebra was diagnosed, the ER doc counted down. Stopped, then counted up, then down again. Finally, he wrote the numbers on the x-ray to prove to himself that he counted 8 not 7.

Kalhoun, I can tell you the double pupil is pretty rare. I’ve never seen one, but we had a book showing all the possible birth defects. (We called it The Ugly Baby Book) It had pictures of a double pupil. It had less of an ewww factor than most of the others.
I don’t remember the incidence of occurence.

pprgrl, are your kidneys ok? Have you ever had them checked by MRI or IVP? The ears and kidneys formed at the same time, so funny ears are a signal that one or both kidneys might be malformed too. This doesn’t mean they don’t work right, they might be shaped funny or have extra parts.

Mosier does your friend have acromegaly, Neurofibromatosis or something else?

I either lost my sense of smell too early to remember ever having had one, or I was born without it, and while it comes in handy every once in a while, most of the time it’s just a minor annoyance, and hardly of super hero quality…
But apparently, I’m unusually muscular for a guy who doesn’t do any form of exercise, to a point where my doctor simply refused to believe that I don’t do any weight lifting (though I think it’s just a reaction to my - let’s say ‘less than athletic’ - built… something’s gotta support the weight).
I also don’t seem to get sick, or at least not very. I can’t remember the last time I was actually ill enough to have to stay in bed, probably sometime in my childhood…
I attribute this and all my other oddities (I also used to be allergic to damn near everything when I was a child, but that - except for a slight hay fever - has completely vanished in puberty) to the hormone therapy my mother got when she was pregnant with me, since the doctors refused to believe it was actually a pregnancy till the third month, when it became apparent and they proposed an abortion, because they believed that due to their treatment I’d be born with significant mental and physical disabilities… (actually, I remember reading an article about an affliction that prevents the onset of puberty; one side effect of it was that those so afflicted don’t have a sense of smell, because the foetus didn’t produce enough testosterone(?), which apparently hampers the development of the brain’s ‘smelling centre’… I could be totally mixing up things here though, does anybody know something about this?)
So at least I have a veritable superhero origin story… :wink:

He appears to have a few of the symptoms of acromegaly according to the link you gave me, but not Neurofibromatosis. I’m not sure if his size is related to a particular disease, but if it is my first bet would be acromegaly. I’m not really close enough with him to pry into his medical history, but if I learn something today working with him I’ll pass it on.

My bet is that he’s just a Big Dude ™. He’d fit perfectly into a defensive line in football.

Ok, this is the funniest thing I’ll see all day. Fucking hilarious!!

Okay…I’ve changed my vote. THIS is the funniest thing I’ll see all day.

My left leg is a good cm longer than my right. I have to place my footing very carefully or end up leaning to one side. My right used/ to conk out sometimes and just stop working for an instant. I fell in a flowerbed coz of that once when I was carrying my newborn brother. So it’s not a superpower.

The problem with that, is normal skeletons weigh very little, about 15% of total weight. People who try to convince others they are “big boned” are fooling themselves.

From here

Is that dry weight, I wonder, or does it include all the matter within the living bone? (I agree, though, that a person with a two-hundred-pound skeleton, by any measure, is probably abnormal.)

It must be all that adamantium.

All the women in my family have this super power. It hurts like hell when it happens.

I had eight (yes, eight) impacted wisdom teeth that had to be removed.

I also lie outside the ABO blood groups.

I’m interested in knowing how he found out how much his skeleton weighs. Can you find out from doing a BMI calculation and the calipers on the arm thing? Or is he parrotting something his mom told him when the other kids made fun of him?

Let’s see. I’ve got that renegade hair thing too-- I have a nearly invisible white hair on my left shoulder that can get 4 or 5 inches long. In other hair weirdness, I get odd mutant facial whiskers occasion that resemble thick slivers of wood, eyebrow hairs that can grow several inches if they’re not trimmed, and when I shave, I have to remember to get the tip of my nose and directly underneath each eye.

My whole family has a bizarre, uncontrollable hiccup-like thing. We get some kind of muscle spasm and deeply inhale with a constricted throat, causing a prolonged LOUD strangled squeal/gasp that goes for a few seconds. Unlike hiccups, they occur singly, but they can occur several times a day. Always embarrassing on dates, at restaurants, when giving presentations. We never have figured out what it is, exactly, and don’t have a cute family name for it.

Oh, well if shared family conditions can be included, then does heritable insanity count as a mutation?

ETA: Student Driver: maybe you could call it a “squickle?”