I am a Nielsen diarist

That’s right, bitches: for the next week I’ll be determining which TV shows are renewed and which are cancelled.

Why don’t we start the bidding at $1 per diary entry?

:slight_smile: I did this a few years ago - I had no takers.

I can only plead that you never let your TV be on during that time when the.only.thing.on are infomercials.

I’ll put in my bid for “Fringe” - such a good show, and apparently getting no respect for it.

I did this a while back. I was honest about what I watched, but I watched stuff during the week that I did watch sometimes, just not as often as I should. Like this performance channel which carried snippets of opera, ballet, and classical concerts. I bet they saw a ratings spike when I did it.
Mostly it was a pain in the neck - especially listing the channels I had available.

Yep, and record Supernatural, which is even better and sadly airs at the same time.

Say you watch both runs of Adult Swim just to fuck with the networks.

We got the diaries once at my parents’ house, and, yes, it’s a pain in the neck. I think they sent a dollar to each of us for the trouble of filling out the diaries. It’s not worth the hassle.

DirecTV had an arrangement some years ago with Nielsen regarding the then uber-cool Tivo DVR.

Some customers were asked if they wanted their Tivo boxes to report automatically their viewing habits. I said sure.

I don’t think the program is still extant with the DirecTV HDDVRs that we now have.

Got it covered. Also Chuck, Castle, Being Human, and Justified. Otherwise, probably what ever looks least crappy at the time. It wouldn’t hurt for some shows to have new episodes and not reruns.