I am about to become the most unpopular man in the office

Oh she shouldn’t. Her future husband and my future husband were very good friends. I spent wayyyy too much time with SWMNBN before we finally decided that he wasn’t worth putting up with her. Too bad, he was a nice guy.

The stories I could tell.

So start telling!

In a minute and a huff? ::waggles eyebrows::

Don’t go off in a huff; let me call you a cab.

OK, you’re a cab.

Still waiting for those pics, dammit!

You can’t seriously think I know how to operate the camera thingie on my phone. It’s a miracle when I can turn the computer on without setting it on fire. That’s why I have been forced to access the Dope via palantir.

And let me tell you, the image of those eternally-burning hands is very annoying

Dude, you need to reboot your palantir. Seriously.

First Skald has to reset his Tolkein ring network.

Turn it upside down and shake it.

One does not pick up and shake items that are on fire. That is the lesson Lord Denethor died to teach us.

I’d like to register the same complaint. But then I remember most of the women I work with.

The college students do it anyway. Now that it’s spring I consider it a fringe benefit.

I don’t see where that is our problem my friend.

You couldn’t convince her to wait until Pineday?

Tell her you’ll be happy to write her a fine recommendation for Hooters.

Dude, that’s …not drool.

Where’s the pukey smiley already?

Reminds me of when I worked for Musicland Corporate back in the early 90’s.

Our IT office, or rather my particular team’s offices in the building were right next to the marketing department. There was this very tall well built young woman in that department, about 6’3", who used to wear short tight shorts, tight shirts, loose half open shirts, this that and the other thing which ALL accentuated her form. Given her height and her long legs, this meant her ass was almost at eye level for a lot of guys. Or at least, at eye level if you were in any way not looking directly level ahead, which of course you would NOT be doing if she was around.

One day she complained to Management about all these nerdy guys in the office and how they would NOT stop staring at her! The nerve! Why they were practically following her around! (She would regularly have to walk to another back office located between two other IT areas, then back to our area which was near the lunch room. Of course people were ‘following her’ - we were going about our business and she just happened to be going our way!)

Instead, she got read the riot act and was forced to change her wardrobe. :stuck_out_tongue:

As a former Catholic School Girl myself, I heartily approve of this rebellion!

backfire for you maybe. A win for us! :slight_smile:

I, for one, am disappointed that Skald did not handle the manner in the form of a poll.


Y’all don’t think, maybe, he is trying to be responsible?
I mean, it is unusual, but…

I had to have this HR approved conversation with a woman on my team that covered investment banks. She led with her cleavage, if you know what I mean. She was *extremely *popular with the younger investment banker set, and very off putting to the conservative banking managers that actually signed the contracts. She had to cover both sets of customers - often on the same sales call. That was one tough conversation as she just didn’t get that leading with cleavage was not professional for one type of customer.

(While irrelevant to the topic, she also continued to dress like a hawt 20ish woman when she had morphed into a 30 something who hadn’t matured the way she presented herself)