I am about to become the most unpopular man in the office

Well, most unpopular among the straight men, anyway? Why? Because I am about to tell the young hot admin that she has to clock out, go home, and change clothes, because a micro-miniskirt and a belly-baring halter are not appropriate workplace attire.

Before y’all ask, we’ve spoken about this before, and yes, Human Resources will be present.

This should be unfun.

Pics or it didn’t happen.

Dear G-d.

I often wonder when I see “sexy office attire” on tv if that has rolled over into the workplace.

You can become the most popular man in this house if you send her here instead. Small consolation I know, but better than nothing, no?

Surely the janitor who has to mop up all the drool will be at least a little appreciative.

Just be careful how you phrase it. “I’m your boss, and you need to get out of those clothes right now!” is less than optimal.

You can spell out my Shem in full, I don’t mind.

She’s never going to friend you on Facebook at this rate.

How about, “I’m your boss, and the HR rep here needs you to get out of those clothes right now!”

The medical center that I work for actually issued an institution-wide e-mail a couple years back that literally stated that clothes that you’d go clubbing/go to parties in were not appropriate or professional workplace attire, and cited patient complaints as well.

I still see some less professional attire in the private offices, worn by receptionists and the like (bared shoulders?), but overall I don’t notice anything that wild very often.

It’s not only receptionists and the like. I work in a hospital and last rotation, we had a Registrar who used to teeter about on high heels, wearing minis and low cut tops. Not the sort of professional attire you’d expect of a doctor with many years’ training.

See, that’s one thing I miss about my old job as a restaurant/bar manager. In the office world, hot girls dressing in halter tops and miniskirts is “unprofessional”. In restaurants, we called that shit “a benefit”. 15-hour shifts are a lot easier to stomach when you spend them surrounded by flirtatious cocktail waitresses. Perhaps this is one area where modern progressive attitudes ought extend to the workplace? Good for morale, and all.


(Sort of.)

Damn it, why are all the women in my office so boring and professional?

Or “Why don’t you slip into something more comfortable?”

I wear my party clothes to work, and nobody’s complained so far.

Most people wear shirts and ties to parties, right?


A long time ago when I was young and beginning my climb up the corporate ladder I was working as support staff to a sales rep in a technology company. We had recently been bought out and our new overlords instituted a fairly loose and fair dress code. Business casual clothing, no jeans.

There was a charming young woman who was doing the same job as I was for another sales rep who was highly offended that someone should need to tell her what to wear. In order to prove they hadn’t won she went out of her way to live by the word and violate the spirit of the dress code. Thanks to her efforts within 6 months the dress code was a hefty document about 3/4" thick.

This is one of the many reasons that she became known among my circle of work friends as “She who must not be named”

That’s perfectly normal, innit?

Fortunately not.