I am about to become the most unpopular man in the office

Anything about having “a position for her on your staff” should probably be avoided as well.

Gyrate, I think Skald will definitely make it into her in-your-face book,

And Skald, know that whatever length skirt she returns in, to spite your dress code she will be sans underwear.

I’ve got to ask. How badly did she violate the spirit of “business casual, no jeans” that the dress code had to be almost as lengthy as the sexual harassment policy?

I remember one Hallowe’en season, when employees were encouraged to wear costumes to work. A gorgeous woman from accounting came in in her belly dancing outfit and nearly created a riot as she walked about the building on her day’s business. The department head finally asked if she would please go home and change, as the number of vistors to his department was impeding work. That was ten years ago, and her image is still burned into my brain.

So you want me to call a young hot female employee into my office, with the HR representative there, tell her she is dressed inappropriately and must either go home and change or be written up, and then ask the employee to pose for a picture and post it on the internet?

Yeah, there’s no possible way that could backfire. :rolleyes:

True enough. Actually I am going to follow the verbal warning (yeah, I know it should be oral warning, bite me) script word for word.

That’s easy. She could have worn micro-minis, like my colleague currently exiled to the break room; when warned about that, she could have worn business slacks a size too small and riding low enough to bare her ass crack; when warned about that she could wear an ordinary blouse but buttoned too far down; and so forth.

Other options:

Wear flip-flops, get told those are too casual. Wear leather flip-flops, and when called on it, claim that they’re sandals. When told that sandals must have more “structure” to them than that, wear something just barely not-flip-flops. Alternately, wear gladiator sandals (major strapping running up the ankle) - if in a big stacked heel and/or a metallic, even better.

Wear a shirt that obviously shows a lack of bra. Get called on it. Wear a white shirt and black lacy bra. Get called on that. Wear not-black Wonderbra with plunging neckline shirt. And so on.

I think the underlying question is whether you want to do something nice for the HR person or all your compatriots here at SDMB.

And there should be multiple pictures, please, not an individual one.

That’ll show him.


More on topic, I call people like the woman who created the need for an inch thick dress code “ruiners” - as in, they ruin it for everyone else. I don’t like ruiners.

Reminds me of a Catholic schoolgirl I knew who constantly fought with her mother.

Comes down to breakfast wearing the approved school uniform, but no bra.

Mother: Go upstairs and put on a bra right now.

Comes back downstairs wearing a bra, but having hiked her skirt up to micro-mini length.

Mother: Go upstairs and fix your skirt.

Comes back downstairs with skirt at the prescribed length, but wearing a purple bra under her white blouse.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

to document why she was asked to go home and change in worjk files so that it can be seen why the need for her to change, and also as an exemplar for the next office clothing document as to what not to wear.

Posting it so we can see is just a side benefit.

These are both excellent examples of how it progressed. Her first shot was black jeans, because the policy specifically forbid blue jeans. Then she moved to a jean dress. Once they got specific enough on fabric she started in on the low cut/high cut options. She would also specifically try and ruin things for others. She would pick out something that one of the other women was wearing and wear something similiar and yet completely inappropriate. The jean dress for example. One of the women had a lovely, soft denim dress that was tailored in a fairly business like style. She wore it with a suit jacket and it looked very professional. SWMNBN wore a tight denim dress with a double zipper that she zipped down for cleavage and up for a slit up the front of an already too short skirt. The powers that be, not being very creative, banned denim dresses.

Lets just say that by the end of the process there were business suits you couldn’t wear to work to meet the business casual requirements.

How did she take it Skald?

Hurrr hurrr hurrr

Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to remain in society. She probably goes out and throws trash out of her car windows in national parks on the weekends.

She quit!

Not in a huff, though. Evidently she was going to give notice Firday, so she’d decided to say Fuck the police this week.

Well, alrighty then. Off to rocket science school, is she?

I work at a dental school. Last year the administration had to send out an email to the students reminding them of appropriate dress for when they are seeing patients. It included such details like you must wear appropriate undergarments, but they must not be visible. I thought it was a bit funny, but you do see some of our students running around in 6 inch heels and micro-minis.

I have been told that the hottest girls on campus are at the Dental School (The next Bachelorette, for example), so I’m not sure who complained about the skin. Some of the students I have spoken to had no clue their fellow classmates attire was not professional, others know full well that there were some inappropriate dressers in their classes. (FTR, Ashley was never one of those students who dressed unprofessionally.)

Meh. It’s not substantially different from what I did when I quit my last retail management job. A lot of customers got free delivery on appliances that week, as the criteria had changed from necessary to save the sale and not going to cause a loss to has not pissed me off during this conversation.