I *AM* an adult - dagnabit!!!


I have body hair - lots of it - you don’t have that as a child do you?

See my birth certificate - 1970 - do the maths!!

Look ::turns round:: - XL tag on my underwear - how many children wear XL underwear?

Consider my list of sexual partners - OK, fine, it’s short - but think of the age of consent… adult!!

See my marriage certificate - duhh??

Item 5 - tax reciepts and monthly payslips…

The list goes on…
grumble grumble…

[sub]Bloody “child-proof” medicine bottles… what more evidence do they need?[/sub]


I dunno…I had lots of body hair as a child…

grabs medicine bottle out of Grim’s hand

HERE, lemme help you…

(who was born in '64)

Being an adult is a state of mind.

You’re s old as you feel.

I’m waaay older than you, and it still suprises me when someone call me ‘sir’.

It just pisses me off when they call me ‘maam’.

Call me Mr Tibbs!

[sub]Ok, It’s way too friigin early for me to be up.[/sub]

I feel like a 25 year old. Problem is, you can’t find one when you need one… :smiley:

Yep, I don’t like the whole “sir” thing either. Sometimes when a 25 year old guy calls me sir I want to turn around and say, “Shut the hell up, I’ll kick your ass!!”

I was Borned 1969 :slight_smile:

In that case, I died in 1589.

You’ve had it over an hour now, and it’s still not open - these things are evil I tell you!!!

[sup]If we listen quietly, perhaps we can hear it laughing…[/sup]


grabs medicine bottle from Eisel

Gimme that. THIS is why I own a sawz-all.


Hands small pile of melted plastic and pill dust back to Grim

Yer welcome.

Jeez, old people are SO crabby.

Get yourself a clean easy-to-open jar of some kind and when you finally manage to pop your Viagra bottle open (even if you have to resort to hacksaws) transfer the pills to the jar. Then stomp the childproof container with your orthapedic shoes and cackle madly.

Whoa! Better watch that cackling. You don’t want to get your heart racing. That could be dangerous for someone your age.
DeadlyAccurate, who is still a 20-something (for a few more months)

You probably just go to bed too early to see us.


Grim, you mistake the intent of the manufacturers.

Their intent is to bolster the self-image of children.

Like this: the adult is having a terrible time trying to get the “:childproof” cap of the bottle.

So the nine-year-old takes it from him or her and deftly opens it.

And, having done something"adult" to help the grownup, he or she feels much better about him/herself.

Problem solved: kid gets ego-boost; adult gets medicine; the protectivist groups insisting on those caps feel like they’ve accomplshed something; and the manufacturer makes money and does its bit towards the raising of child mental health as well.


But I don’t have a handy nine-year old! Anybody know where I can rent one?


Don’t they sell “easy-open bottles for households without small children”?

Oh, great, now look at this mess…melted oozing plastic all over the meds.


You men think that a tool will solve everything…well some tools can… :smiley:

And Grim, I gave that opened bottle back to you…did you forget you took the pills already?


Maybe we need some syrup of ipecac.


We’re having waffels?! :slight_smile:

To interject a moment of seriousness:
[sub]I know, I know, boo hiss, get off the stage, ya square[/sub]

Anyone else think the “new” childproof caps are seriously nifty? It’s a compromise, a two sided lid. Put it on one way, and it’s a childproof cap, same same. Turn it over, and it’s a simple screw-on cap. Best o’ both worlds. (And presumably easier and cheaper to make one kind of cap, slightly bigger than the old ones, on just one production line, than making seperate types, and distributing them where needed.)

Or does your Rx not use the good ones? :wink:

This is why God invented plastic explosives. Or acid. Disolve that cap off.

Oh, ** Creative_Munster ** while you probably know all about renting a 9 year old in Thailand, I think the justice department frowns on that sort of thing. :slight_smile:

We’ve been getting our prescriptions filled at Walgreens and they’ve been using those two-way caps for years. Not only that, but back before they had them we had told Walgreens that we don’t need child-proof caps, so now when we get our pills they’re already closed with the screw-on cap.